The CS918 will turn your television into the channel of YOU, imagine all the photo’s, Video’s and music you have stored on your phone, tablet, PC or memory stick over the years. These now can be streamed to your television for everyone to enjoy, it’s like taking out the photo album as you would have done in the old days.
The CS918 Smart TV Box features Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system, this would be considered the most stable of all the Android running systems and is used on the all the latest Smartphones.
Surf the net, shop on line, read and send emails or update all your social media accounts, a fraction of what you can do with the CS918 Smart TV Box and all from the comfort of your sofa. Android also ensures that you get access to the Google Play Store. Here you will find thousands of different app's, including Facebook, Twitter. Flickr, Gmail, Youtube, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, MX Player, Chrome, Google+, Picasa and more.
When watching  movies or TV shows through Netflix, Youtube, Filmon and XBMC you will discover the android running system at its best.
XBMC is one of the leading media players that allows users to play and view most videos and music from the internet, and all common digital media files from local and network storage media.



HOW-TO:Install XBMC/Kodi for Android Media Player

Learn more here:

Youtube line-


1.What is an Android Box?


An Android Box is essentially a mini PC running an Android operating system. Our boxes comes pre-installed with various Android apps including XBMC.

2.What is XBMC?

XBMC is an open source media player software application that allows you to stream content from the internet to your TV. Further info on XBMC can be found.

3.What content can I stream from XBMC?

There are a multitude of third-party add-ons available on the XBMC platform enabling you to stream Free Movies and TV shows as well as watch live TV streams.

4.What internet speed do I need?

For decent streaming quality you will require a minimum of 4mb and for HD content you will need at least 6mb.

5.What after sale warranty and support do you offer?

 3 months warranty

6.Do you guarantee the quality of the streams?

No. We can not guarantee the quality, durability, longevity or integrity of individual streams. These streams originate from 3rd party developers and are completely out of our control or influence.


The vast majority of streams are good to great quality, many are HD quality.If a stream is not working or of a poor quality, there are many many more available, its just a matter of clicking on them.


  • Standard Qwerty keyboard layout
  • Using high precision 6-Axis gyroscope.
  • Support motion sensing game
  • Headphone jack: 2.5mm headphone jack
  • Keyboard: handheld keyboard with auto backlight
  • Support motion sensing game
  • Built-in OS, makes operation more smooth
  • Infrared remote control (IR Learning)
  • Compatible with most Smart TV, PC, Laptop,  with USB connectivity

Mermaid A8 Air Mouse is an intelligent input device, which integrates dual-function of flying mouse and wireless keyboard. It works like a conventional mouse to control the screen cursor and also operates like a wireless keyboard which can enter numbers, letters, symbols and etc. What is cool about it is everything can be done on air instead of placing on flat surface. You can use it directly by shaking or moving in the air.


  • Air Mouse
  • Standard Qwerty keyboard layout
  • Built-in multimedia keyboard on one side and navigation keyboard on another side.
  • High sensitivity and adjustable DPI, up to 2400 DPI
  • Using high precision 6-Axis gyroscope.
  • Using six kinds of adjustable DPI, DPI value of up to 2400DPI
  • Support motion sensing game
  • Headphone jack: 2.5mm headphone jack
  • MIC: the built-in microphone
  • Keyboard: handheld keyboard with auto backlight
  • Support motion sensing game
  • Patented algorithm, original sign learning
  • Built-in OS, makes operation more smooth
  • Voice transmission(built-in high sensitivity microphone)
  • Light sensor, automatic backlight brightness
  • Remote control function supports IR learning function
  • Built-in power control algorithm for longer periods of time
  • Multimedia keyboard & navigation keyboard.
  • Built in rechargeable battery 200mAh
  • Come with a USB Dongle to connect the Air Mouse and your devices
  • Infrared remote control (IR Learning)
  • Remote working current: 6mA

Sleep current: 10uA(2 minutes without action, automatically into low power sleep mode) Air mouse working current: 12mA(average), 60mA(peak) Charging mode: USB/DC 5V


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