CRAZY OFFER 12V DC  Lead-acid Battery Charger Smart Charger motor ,car



Fifth-generation high-definition large-screen display Intelligent 12V battery fast charger. 
Suitable for: car batteries, electric vehicle batteries, solar energy storage batteries, motorcycle batteries, dry lead batteries, lead acid hydro bottles quick fix for high-quality DC charging.
12V battery smart charger parameters 
1, the input AC voltage: 220V 
2, the output voltage: 12V 
3, the output DC current: 6A 
4, the output of work effectiveness: 72W 
5, the output efficiency: 95% 
6, battery capacity rechargeable battery range: 20A ~ 80A 
Dimensions: Length 15 cm X 10.5 cm wide X 6 cm high
Sales New 2016 12V 6A Car Battery Charger Motorcycle
Note disclaimers :
1 , do not charge the battery scrap batteries obsolete
2 , please charge the following criteria in 0.35C
3 , the charger current is the fourth A number of battery current
4 , the battery charge is calculated : battery current battery voltage V × W = A ÷ efficacy battery charger full time
Second Product Features:
☆ 1, with anti-reverse , anti short circuit and overcharge prevention function
☆ 2, the use of international manufacturers IC design , fine workmanship and unique, high accuracy, stable power supply , first-class quality.
☆ 3, has a perfect over-current, over voltage , short circuit, over-temperature , over power protection
☆ 4, with a moisture-proof , dust-proof function
☆ 5, the charger output of alligator clips , you can also customize a variety of AC plug head . DC head , and each country according to your needs .
 "Good faith " brand dedicated battery charger is learn from the advanced experience and technology to develop a new generation of high-tech products . With anti-reverse , anti short circuit, overcharge prevention function , smart pulse three-stage charging.
Two . Scope
1 , for general transport batteries that can be used to charge cars, medical equipment, instrumentation equipment, ships and other batteries.
2, for special vehicles batteries, car batteries, electric vehicle batteries , solar storage battery , can be used for forklifts, golf carts , generators and other battery charging .
3 , for fixed type batteries can be used for charging electric power systems, construction sites , UPS, lighting , fire and other power batteries.

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