• High-end Genuine Leather.高级牛皮

  • United Stated Crazy Horse Leather, one kind of pull up leather.美国疯马皮,是油浸皮的一种。

  • Zinc alloy hardware - free from rust risk.采用锌合金,保证防锈

  • Stylist.帅气加分

  • Durable.耐磨耐用

  • Aged beautifully.越用越美丽

  • 6 card slots - 1~3 card per slot. 6个卡槽,每个卡槽能容纳1~3张卡

  • 1 zip pocket 17x7.5cm. 与钱包一样大的拉链袋

  • 3 pocket 17x7,5cm- provide clear view & stuff bucks 三个一目了然的的大栅隔,钱包大小

  • 1 stylish Leather cord - from same leather, allow user customize.一条编织皮绳,同片皮。你能自己改造。

  • Colour: Light Brown 浅褐

  • Dimension: 18.5x9.5x2cm

  • Weight: roughly 220g 

T & C


Contact number: +6 0111 2710042

This is Genuine Leather product, means the pattern come from animal skin natural beauty. There is no any two piece of high-end top leather share same pattern in the world. Science can clone DNA but not living experience.

During lifespan of the cow, insect sting, fence hinting, fighting, cane,etc will left scar or we say natural mark on its skin. This is unique ,the soul of high end genuine leather. 

If you found there are some crops inside your parcel , do not worry, During crafting Genuine leather, craftman will spare for extra. Those crops u see, is the extra fallen. Some come from the back of leather. Month by months, crops getting less. As the cutline / back getting oiled in usage. Or you can say sealed. There are only new genuine leather product can found crops inside. 

Some product have lining. In order to keep the structure light and thin, some invisible part won't be stiched. The burr will not affected your daily usage & durable.

All Genuine Leather product is allowed to get wet in some kind of degree. But soaped, moisturize ,vegetable & mineral oil or chemical ,so-called natural cleansing product definitely will lead to swollen, dryness, even crack or rotten. So avoid your Genuine Leather get contact with those thing i mentioned. 

If your Genuine Leather get some dust on it, just clean it with a dry soft cloth. Recommand a clean dry pure cotton jean cloth, if u cut your jeans/ trousers. If it get wet by food& drink, use a dry soft cloth with excellent water absorption to absorp those liquid as soon as possible. Leave it wind dry without any help from heating machine.Heating it may enlarge particular surface. Once liquid gone, apply some good nude animal oil/ wax u could find in some big shoe store. Leave it overnight. At the second morning, just wipe off those extra animal oil. Your Genuine Leather can be used again.

Genuine Leather is tanned from animal skin. Among one inch square, there are thousand small hole and skin tissue . This is why Genuine Leather can be so soft yet tough. If u just ignored after it get wet or dust, those liquid, sweat dirt and dust will block those small hole / space between. This will hurt your precious. Some people oiled / waxed it without clean the dust. Those dirt / dust will "PLUG" into those hole, means your precious hard to breath from its nature vent. Expected your Genuine Leather condition will get worse.

For your better shopping experience, we are examining everything before deliver. Surely will took picture along with your order, to avoid dispute. We appreciate reputation & principle. If there is anything , please feel free to contact with me.

There is no refundable for any goods delivered. Yet we accept fault during deliver, will exchange with a same product. If stock last, we nego for same value goods, voucher. Of course , we will bear the cost of return. So please check well before the postman left.


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