Cordyceps LingZhi Capsule

CORDYCEPS SINESIS also known as ‘King Of The Herbs’ by the Chinese for centuries. It has been recorded in the ‘Ben Cao Gang Mu’ , an ancient Chinese medicine book, that it tastes bitter with natural odor; enhances lung and kidney functions and is a potent remedy for over-secretion of phlegm, uncontrollable bleeding, chronic cough with heavy breathing, coughing up blood, erectile dysfunction, uncontrollable cancerous cells and helps lowering blood sugar level. It helps to reduce the occurrence of neuro-vascular disorders such as stroke.

Cordyceps sinensis has abundant nutritional properties beneficial towards body growth and vitality:
1. SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) Enzyme - It helps to eliminate free radicals, offering anti-aging effect, anti- cancer effects and inhibition of tumorous growth.

 It provides an excellent amount of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace
elements including 8 out of 18 essential amino acid for optimum health.

a. 17 trace elements including zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium etc.
b. 12 varieties of vitamins including A, B12, B6, B1, B2, C, D, E richer than mushroom whereas vitamin A 13 times richer than cow liver, vitamin B2 4038 times and 84 times richer than ginseng and cow liver respectively; vitamin C 8 times richer than mushroom.

100 % shell-broken Lingzhi Spore 

Lingzhi has been traditionally used for over a thousand years as a tonifier and detoxifier to enhance the immune system, vitality, and blood circulation, disperse stasis and dispel inflammation. The antitussive, expectorant, hypotensive, antihepatic and antibacterial effects of Lingzhi have been exploited by the Chinese doctors in the therapies for deficiency fatigue, neurasthenia, insomnia, tuberculosis, hepatocirrhosis, bronchial cough and tumour, etc., supported by its richness of protein, 18 amino acids, polypeptides, polysaccharides, nucleosides, terpenoids, alkaloids, carbohydrates, germanium, vitamins and minerals.

This is a traditional medicine.
Indication: Traditionally used for general weakness.
Recommended Dosage: 2 capsules each time, 3 times daily.
Caution: Please consult your phamarcist or doctor if symptoms persist/ worsen.
Breastfeeding & pregnancy: Insufficient reliable data.
Store in a cool place below 30C, protect from light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Registration No.:MAL06100003T



中國人很早就推崇冬蟲夏草為「藥中之王」,本草綱目记载:有「性甘、味平,歸肺腎經,補肺益腎、止血化痰、用於久咳虛喘、勞嗽咳血、陽萎遺精、腰膝酸痛」 之功效。現代中醫運用蟲草調補身體、治頭昏失眠、貧血、呼吸道抵抗力低、陽痿遺精、腰腿酸軟、腎功能衰竭、肺結核之陰虛咳嗽、咳血、胸痛、治哮喘、肺氣 腫、神經衰弱等症。

现代中國醫學臨床試驗研究結果证明冬蟲夏草具如下功能: -
1. 可以激活紅血球細胞而增強人的活力,可補益肺功能。
2. 可提高人體對日常生活環境和工作壓力的適應能力。
3. 能抑制癌細胞的生長及有降血糖的作用。
4. 能降低腦溢血和腦血栓病症发病率。

冬蟲夏草富含多种强身健体的营养: -
1. SOD(超氧化歧化脢)- 作用于消除機體內自由基,具有抗衰老、抗癌抑癌的作用。
2. 豐富的蛋白質、多種氨基酸、多種維生素及多種人體必需的微量元素,包括18種氨基酸,其中包括人體所必需的8種氨基酸,不但種類齊全,而且數量充足。
a. 17種以上微量元素,其中有鋅、硒、鉀、鎂、磷、鈣、鐵等。
b. 12種維生素,其中維生素A、B12 、B6、B1、B2、C、D、E的含量均高於菇類,如維生素A含量是豬肝的13倍,維生素B2是人參的4038倍,豬肝的84倍,維生素C是香菇的8倍。


在中国千年传统中常被药用为强身健体及提高免疫力的系统的补剂。中医知其特性如活血散淤、抗氧化、化炎、 止咳,化痰; 常用之于控制血压、精神不振、神经衰弱、失眠症状。亦常利用其排毒性能及其所含的丰富蛋白质18氨基的酸,多肽,多糖,肌氨肽苷,萜类化合物 Terpenoids(能抑制潛在的腫瘤病變),碱,糖类,鍺,维生素和矿物质,以治疗,肺结核、肝硬化、支气管炎引发的咳嗽,等等。



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