Convenient bluetooth wireless multi-function keyboard

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Controller  For Android / iOS


  This product is specially designed for iPad and other brand PC,Such as SAMSUNG,Acer,AUSU,Nexus7,Kindle fire HD etc,which has bluetooth keyboard and game controller function.
 1. Don't need to load any drive,just pairing with phone bluetooth;
 2. Built-in lithium battery which can use for a long time after charged,safety and stability.
 3. Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission,operation distance in 6-8 meters
 4. Humanized software design,choose energy saving mode disconnected.
 5. Support android 2.3,ios 4.3 above system;
 6. Support iPod/iPhone/iPad and most of the tablet PC with android system ;
  Micro USB charging cable×1
Support Game description:
   To support the majority of simulators with racing and tower defense games under Android system(Such as FC simulators,GBA simulator,Arcade simulator,SFC simulator,N64 simulator,Shadowgun,Sonic CD,Cordy,soulcraft,Zenonia4,9 Innings 2013,Riptide GP,Angry Birds,Fruit Ninja,Airbag Frank 3D,Plants vs. Zombies,Gunsn Glory,etc)
   To support the majority of games with virtual keyboard under ISO system(Such as Gunman Clive,Helium Boy,League of Evil,League of Evil 2,Temple Run,etc)

User Manual1.Controller Feature:

A.Gamepad mode:this mode support s most of the Android games, such as FC simulator,GBA simulator,Arcade game simulator,SFC simulator,N64 simulator,Shadowgun,Sonic CD,Cordy,Zenonia4,9 Innings 2013,Soulcraft
Coding steps:
1.First press“Gamepad”key, then press“HOME”key until Gamepad LED turns to blue light ;2.set→bluetooth→scan→click equipment name( as shown fig A1/2/3), no password  is needed when pairing, if  LED turns to blue bright, it means the indicator pair connection is successful.
B.iCade mode:this mode just supports ios system and most of the ios games, such as Helium Boy,League of Evil 2,Temple Run
coding steps:(Please change input method  into English before matching )
1.First press the "iCade" ke y, then press "HOME" key, until the iCade LED turns to blue light quick flash;
2.set→general→bluetooth→click equipment name( as shown fig B
1/2/3),needn't input password when pairing,when LED turns to blue bright,indicator pairing connect successfully.Click equipment name( as shown fig B1/2/3),don't need password when pairing,when LED turns to blut light bright  which means indicator pairing connect successfully.

C.Mouse model:This model supports all touch and tower defense game
,such as Angry Birds,Fruit Ninja,Airbag Frank 3D,Plants vs. Zombies,Gunsn Glory
coding steps:1.First press“GamePad”key,then press“HOME”key,until bluetooth LED turns to blut light flash;2.set→bluetooth→scan→click equipment name(as shown fig A1/2/3),don't need password when pairing,when LED turns to blut light bright  which means indicator connect successfully.
2.Keyboard features:keyboard can be used in the IOS/Android system。
3.About the setting of input method:Should set the phone or PC input method default to english when using  the controller to play game (For iOS system,when controller finished pairing connection,if need to use phone virtual keyboard, it should be turn off the controller
or cut bluetooth connect)。
4.Charging for controller:connect the controller into 5V power to charge(such as PC equipment or phone power adaptor),when charging,the charge LED of controller is red light bright,LED turns to blue light after battery saturation
5.Operation of the controller switch:Press“HOME”key for 5 seconds,until bluetooth turn off which means the controller power off successfully;after power off the controller,if phone do not cancel connection, just press“HOME”key for 5 seconds,until LED slow flash,the controller power off(default as last starting up mode),controller will automatically connect with phone after the controller startt up,if connect failed,controller will be automatically power off。

Note:If  you want to change the controller function mode,please power off the controller first and cancel bluetooth connection,then according to the replacement mode of code steps to operate


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