MYCO Mix Cereals: 
A perfect blend of the Five cereals. Key ingredients include brown rice, corn, semen coicis (yi mi), millet sesame, wheat, oat, oatmeal, oat bran, processed soybean, psyllium husk, fruit fiber, soybean lecithin and others. It is especially beneficial in the alleviation of gastrointestinal problems.
Key Components and Nutritional Values:
Brown Rice          : Packed full of fiber, complex carbohydrates, B Vitamins, zinc and potassium. Helps prevent 
                               hardening of arteries, diabetes and colon cancer. Also aids, in improving memory.
Dietary Fiber        : Contains 30% soluble fiber to promote peristalsis, help passing of stool and stabilize blood 
Fruit Fiber             : Alleviates gastric discomforts, and is especially useful when consumed before breakfast by 
                               gastric patients. Offers exceptional results in mending damages caused by gastric diseases.
Soybean Lecithin : An essential nutritional component for the cerebral and nervous tissues that is 
                              especially helpfulfor child development and Alzheimer's disease. Also prevents convergence  
                              of blood platelets (which leads to blood clots), cleanses the blood, and dissolves fat.
Gastrointestinal Diseases: People who skip breakfasts commonly go through the day feeling depleted. Importantly they also fave twice the risk of developing gastric problems compared to those who eat breakfast habitually.
Most urbanites now live a fast-paced lifestyle, and have a tendency to over-eat or overindulge in spicy and sour dishes, coffee and tea, curry, chilies and other acidic food that increase the secretion of gastric acid and damage the gastric mucosal barrier. This is turn causes the development of gastric ulcers.

How to prevent Gastric Disease and Problems 

  • Reduce stress. Rest more.
  • Eat Regularly. Have more but smaller meals. Do not over or under eat. 
  • Chew food slowly.
  • Refain from consuming acidic food such as sour and spicy dishes, coffee and tea, as well as curry and chilies.
  • Refrain from eating good that is hard to digest.
  • Do not misuse medications especially painkillers.
  • Drink a cup of MYCO Mix before breakfast everyday (3 spoonfuls added to warm water at approximately 60 degrees Celsius). This helps promote peristalsis and warm the stomach, and is especially beneficial for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.
MYCO MIX is highly recommended for the following people :
  1. For people with gastric problems, drink a cup before breakfast every morning (3 spoonfuls added to warm water). 
  2. For children aged 1 and above, drink once or twice everyday (2 - 3 spoonfuls added to warm water) as a nutritional supplement.
  3. For growing children, consume to support overall vitality and brain development.
  4. For expecting mothers, consume to increase intake of folic acid and calcium.
  5. For the middle-aged or the elderly, consume for a well-balanced nutritional boost, as well as to reduce constipation and cholesterol formation.

Product Details

Gastric Disease is one of the most common ailments that effect human health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a saying that literally translates as "Ten people, nine gastric issues" - an indication of how widespread gastric problems are. But although gastric-related conditions are prevalent, the important thing to know is that they can be prevented.

When a person suffers from gastric-related ailment, the recuperation process usually involves a strict diet to keep the symptoms in check and to expedite healing. In certain cases, acute gastritis patients have been known to develop chronic hepatitis (i.e. inflammation of the liver) due to inappropriate food intake, which reinforces how important it is for gastric patients to adhere to strict eating guidelines. Furthermore, special attention must also be given on the compositions of the foods taken, as different ingredients have differing effects on various prevailing gastric conditions.
Dietary fiber or cellulose found in food promotes peristalsis and the secretion of intestinal juice, which keeps stool soft and moist so it can be easily passed out from the body. When dietary fiber is missing from daily food intake, it leads to bloating of the abdomen, constipation, and in certain cases, appendicitis and even colon cancer!
B Vitamins, especially Vitamin B1 and B6, help promote peristalsis and improve passing of food from the body - which is turn improves appetite. Some of the common conditions related to inadequate B Vitamins include chronic gastritis, digestive problems and lack of appetite, just to name a few.
Ultimately, dietary fiber and B Vitamins are important components of a healthy diet. Among others, brown rice, cereal grains and crude fiber vegetables are staple foods that should take priorities in a good wholesome diet. 

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