10 Most Common Symptoms of Kidney Ailments:
1) Bloating: Kidney is an essence part of the human urinary system which passes fluid out
from our body. For some kidney patients, water is retained in the body due to urinary
difficulties. This in turn causes bloating in various parts of the body. Some common
causes include:
a) Diminished exposed areas of the Glomerulus (a network of capillaries in the kidney
that filters blood from urine), which reduces its inherent filtration capacity.
b) Changes in the capillaries, which in turn affect the retention of fluid in body tissues.
c) Reduced level of plasma proteins in the blood, which lessens the Colloid Osmotic
Pressure that eventually causes excess fluid buildup in the tissues.
d) Reduced Effective Blood Volume, Hyperaldosteroism etc.
2) High Blood Pressure: Kidney diseases and kidney / renal artery diseases have a
tendency to cause high blood pressure.
3) Low Volume of Urine: Also known as Oliguria, there are 3 categories of causes: Pre-
Renal, Renal and Post-Renal.
4) Excessive Volume of Urine: This can be caused by diminished kidney functions, renal
tubular acidosis or interstitial nephritis.
5) Urinary Urgency: Commonly, this is an indication of urinary on a daily basis may
indicate kidney-related conditions associated with bladder disorder and diabetes.
6) Frequent Urination: Drastically-elevated frequency in urination on a daily basis may
indicate kidney-related conditions associated with bladder disorder and diabetes.
7) Painful Urination: Also known as Dysuria, this usually happens when there is urinary
tract infection, kidney stone or irritant within the bladder. Typically, it involves a stinging or
burning sensation.
8) Dull or Acute Pain in the Kidney Area: Some common causes include inflammation
and accumulation of fluid at the renal pelvis, tuberculosis of the kidney, or Nephroptosis
(a condition where the kidney drops downward).
9) Blood in Urine: When blood or blood clots can be observed in urine with the naked
eyes, it is usually an indication of diabetic kidney problems.
10) Protein in Urine: This can only be ascertained by a medical test, which is most often
performed when kidney disease is suspected.
Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe the kidney to be a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang. When the balance is toppled, a person begins suffering conditions associated with Yin or Yang deficiencies.
Symptoms associated with insufficient Yin include weakness and soreness of the back and knees, stress and heatiness, dizziness and ringing in the ears, insomnia and loss of memory, excessive perspiration, nocturnal emission or premature ejaculation for males, reduced menstrual bleeding for females, constipation, red tongue with diminished coating, rapid pulse, among others.
Symptoms associated with insufficient Yang include overly pare or dark facial colour, coldness accompanied by soreness of the back and knees, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation of males, infertility for females, bed-wetting, bloating and nocturnal diarrhea among others.
Ultimately, a weakened kidney affects far more than just one's sexual functions; it brings about harmful effects to the entire body.
Panax Pseudoginseng, Wolfiporia Extensa, Vigna Umbellata, Cistanche, Pollen, Barley, Chinese Yam, Black Bean, Oat, Atractylodes, Black Sesame, Semen Coicis.
Suitable for:
  • people suffering from weakened kidney and sore back;
  • mid-stage diabetes patients;
  • people with high cholesterol level and high blood pressure;
  • people suffering from nocturnal polyuria (i.e. frequent need to urinate at night);
  • fatigue and weakness;
  • people with spleen and stomach discomfort;
  • the insomniac;
  • the middle-aged and the elderly;
  • mild stroke patients and teenagers.
Suggested Serving:
Two to three spoonfuls into hot water at approximately 80 degrees Celsius. Consume once or twice a day.
For Kids and nocturnal polyuria patients, stir one or two spoonfuls of COMPO MEAL into a cup of mixed-cereal beverage, then consume.

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney is more than just an organ, it is a "Gate of Vitality" that determines life and death. Its functions include storing one's essence (jing) that dominates human reproduction and development; regulating the water element and the absorption of air (qi) in the body; as well as supporting bone development and marrow production. In fact, the Kidney is believed by traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to dominate the well being of one's blood, marrow, skin, teeth and ears, just to name a few.

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