Comalgum is the rhinitis curer applying Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT) which is not harm to human body.
Comalgum is able to cure trouble in nasal cavity that is the root cause of rhinitis and intensified trouble in nasal inside in the meantime because it emit over 2 wave-length of laser from the laser detector. 
Comalgum makes easy to breath by making the breath hole in the nasal inserted area.
Comalgum is recommended for:
Children   People taking examinations   Office workers
Children’s health and fitness may be impaired if they suffer from frequent colds which can lower their immunity to further infections and weaken their constitution. Children’s normal growth may be adversely affected by constant nasal infections and consequent breathing problems. Nasal congestion can inhibit concentration and lead to developmental and concentration problems.   Rhinitis, hay fever, runny noses and excessive sneezing are all well-documented causes of memory and concentration problems. The resulting fatigue also impairs exam performance   The office environment, particularly air-conditioned offices, is a well-known source of nasal problems and infections. Acute rhinitis and allergic rhinitis frequently develop as a result of colds caught in the office
The high effective power laser curer affects to increase cell division, cell activation, immune cell, and anti-inflammatory effects. And through various research have done, with the safety, about 2,500 topics of positive science papers are released worldwide.
Comalgum is using up-to-date VCSELs(vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers). VCSELs are suitable for portable laser curers because not only light weight, accurate, and consuming very small electric power, but simpler package than current laser chips.
Comalgum has portable and handy design. Not only because the total weight is one fifth of current products, but because it uses respiratory fixed type, it is easy to carry and it can free both hands, so, it can be used during daily life. Also, it makes that user can feels free from difficulties in breath as a new adapter by making breath holes laser irradiator.
Comalgum is a multi-wavelength laser product rather than current single-wavelength laser product. Generally, laser therapy depends on various factors, such as skin tissue type, skin condition, trouble region, skin color, etc. Laser has a different infiltration depth depending on wavelength, and to achieve the superior effect against the specific trouble, the trouble area and laser infiltration depth must be considered. Rhinitis is called general trouble of infection in the nasal cavity. To cure the rhinitis with laser, the infection inside of nasal cavity, the root cause of trouble, is needed to be cured. Also if rhinitis takes a serious turn, the trouble is occurred in the nasal cavity as well as in side of nose. Current laser curer is not capable of effective cure for various trouble, making complicated symptom such srhinitis, because of using single-wavelength laser. However, our Comalgum is capable to improve even for the trouble in the nasal cavity and inside of nose because of using multi-wavelength type.
Most of the optical output emitted by laser is disappeared before reached in the deep layer of the skin. However 830nm laser can be reached the deepest layer of the skin tissues, because the 830nm laser has the least absorption ratio to the skin or hemoglobin and moisture in the biometric.
How to use:
Check if the mounted battery is charged sufficiently before using. If the amount of battery is not sufficient,it sounds an alarm for low voltage when using it. If an alarm sounds, you need to charge it using a charger.
After inserting the laser irradiator into the nose so that the philtrum support can be faced toward the philtrum under the nose as shown in the figure, place the power cord attached on both sides behind the ears and fix the laser irradiator.
Lift power On/Off switch located on the right side of the body toward ON. The power display is lit with the orange light and the power is ON with a beep sound.
Press Time button (the button to adjust the time use) located in the center of the product, and the laser will start with a beep sound.
Press 1 time : Laser Start/Time Use 20min setting (Blue light displays at 20 on Time use display)
Press 2 times : Laser Start/Time Use 40min setting (Blue light displays at 40min on Time use display)
Press 3 times : Laser STOP(OFF)/Standby mode setting (Blue light disappears on Time use display.)
  While the laser is operating, a beep sounds every 5 seconds and if the time use is over, the laser will be turn off automatically. At this time, if you want to use again, press Time button to reset the time use. After wearing the product, check if the laser light comes out to the nose through the mirror in the dark area without a light.
When the laser is operating, do not stare at the light directly with your eyes.
If you want to turn off the power when the time use is over and the laser stops, or while using it, lift the power On/Off button located on the right side of the product downward Off.
● After the power is OFF, remove the laser irradiator inserted in the nose and store it.
● For a fast relief, it is recommended to be used over 2 times a day. It is good to use in the morning or evening right before going to bed when the symptoms of rhinitis grow worse. Since Comalgum uses safe low level laser, it is not harmful to the body even if used for a prolonged amount of time.

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