If you want your kids to get more exercise, buying them a kick scooter may be the best option. Scooter games gives children the opportunity to engage in beneficial play by allowing them to create and transform their own ideas into endless movement opportunities. Imagine that, they propel happily on a small board on wheels and freely controlling the speed and direction are exciting and fun.


Advantages of the 3-Wheels Kickboard:


  1. The 3-wheel kick scooter (Kickboard) with 2 bigger wheels in front and 1 smaller wheel at rear (form a triangle of wheels) provides extra balance and stability for the children. The more wheels on the ground, the more road-holding.
  2. The kickboard SITS UP WHEN YOU HOP OFF. The kickboard stays upright when you hope off instead of falling to the ground.
  3. The kickboard is using the "Lean-to-Steer" steering style that involves the rider shifting their weight, or leaning to turn left or right, which is similar to other weight shifting sports such as skiing and surfing. 
  4. Rear-Foot Braking system. The kickboard has a step-on braking system on the rear wheel cover


The Kickboard Specifications:


  1. Weight capacity with rider: 25-35kg
  2. Kickboard weight: 4.5kg
  3. Material: Aluminium alloy bar, glass reinforced plastic, PU Wheels
  4. Wheels: Front wheel dia.-120mm; Rear wheel dia.-100mm
  5. Anti-slip Board: length-420mm; Width-130mm
  6. Accessories: 4 heights adjustable T-bar, 3 PU wheels & FREE additional set of PU wheels for replacement
  7. T-bar: 4 adjustable heights - 60cm, 65cm, 70cm and 74cm
  8. Step-on braking system (rear wheel cover)
  9. Wheel direction control system - Lean-to-Steer system




For the safety and best protection, it is always high recommended that the children to put on appropriate helmets & protection gears (protection against wrist, elbow & knee) while riding.


We have the protective helmet and protective gear for kids. Please click on the following product picture for more details.












Note: Shipping to East Malaysia will be using Poslaju. If you wish to use GDex as courier, please kindly contact us for the postage fee.


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