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Collagrain 五谷胶原

人体是由约60兆个细胞所组成 ,但是每秒也有50万个细胞在死亡。人类在生命最初的 20 年,细胞生长率比死亡率快。然而进入 20 岁之后,情况就刚好相反。人体需要大量的氨基酸、蛋白质及各种微量元素来维持细胞的基本功能及分裂。由于身体的新陈代谢率下降及外界环境污染,细胞的衰老死亡造成人类各种疾病续而死亡。细胞老化是难以避免的,因此适时的补充适当的营养才能让我们的生命得以健康的延续。






五谷胶原的胶原蛋白除了能协助女性拥有亮丽的肌肤之外,它也可以让女性拥有更有光泽的头发(更闪亮及丝柔般的头发、减少发尾开叉的现象、头发生长得更快及更浓密),更坚韧的指甲(指甲不再脆弱易折或断裂、减少开叉、指甲生长得更快、更长)及健康又灵活的关节(减轻关节疼痛、关节更灵活、更能活动自如),因此女性只要从 25 岁开始,即应该留意从五谷胶原中补充本身的胶原蛋白,以达到内外兼顾;当人体内在器官得到滋养的同时,五谷胶原的胶原蛋白即发挥其外在补助的功效。让女性肌肤得到保湿、亮肤、紧肤、防皱、修复的美容效益,散发魅力。






The human body is composed of approximately 60,000,000,000,000 cells, but each second also has 500,000 cells in death. The cell growth rate is quicker than the mortality rate in the life of the initial 20 years. However after entering 20 years old, the situation just is opposite. The human body needs the massive amino acids, the protein and each kind of trace element maintains cell's basic function and the fission. As a result of body's metabolism rate drop and the external environment pollution, cell's senile death causes


human each kind of vigorous sickness then continue to dies. The cell aging is difficulty to avoid,

therefore at the right moment supplement suitable nutrition can extent our life in the healthy way.


The Collagrain was developed by the nutritional therapy medicine Dr. - Professor Liu Zhe Feng that uses the wheat, the soybean, the unpolished rice, and the millet by the Chinese special study and so on careful configuration to become. Grains the kind includes ingredients and so on collagen, multivitamins, mineral substance, enzyme and many kinds of amino acids with the collagen, can provide each nutrition which and the energy the human body cell needs, gives dual attention to the inner and outer, once female takes, the vigor will be abundant, the charm sending out, will become the genuine perfect woman!


The China Classic Medical Book – Huang Di Nei Jing said “: Five Grain sustain our life. Collagrain that contains natural cereal nutrition, is easily accepted by the cells in the human body, moreover very easy to let bodily each spot absorb completely, while the nature strengthens the cell newborn process, also further stimulates the human body immune system operate more effectively, achieves the function which strong and healthy body.


However, we must understand that, after 21 years old, human body aging start! Because the Human Growth Hormone(HGH) will drop 14% every ten year. When reach 60 years old, it drop as high as 75%. The human body muscle relaxation aging is because the HGH secretion drops create directly. Collagrain contains 18 kind of amino acids which extract from traditional Chinese medicines that able to promote the hypothesis release own Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to maintains the young vigor, Collagrain delay senility, lets you maintain your youthful and to be beautiful.


Living in this busy society, fast food culture authorities, so that many people face the nutrition imbalanced problem. Collagrain may subsidize the human body each nutrition which lacks in the daily diet, particularly human body itself is unable to produce several kind of amino acids, like isoleucine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, amino-isovaleric acid, histidine; it must obtain from food, Collagrain contains collagen. The life is built up by the protein, the collagen that contain in the human body is one kind of protein, has accounted total of 30~40% for the human body protein sum. The collagen exists in human body's skin, accounts for above corium layer 75%, and decides skin's flexibility and the elasticity.


According to research that obtained, start from 25 years old for the female, the collagen starts to drain from theirs body by the rate of 1.5% every year. When they reach 40 year-old time, collagen's outflow quantity estimated that could achieve 30% many. Once collagen massive outflows, the flesh will lose the elasticity, also will be forms aged the preliminary sign. The aged preliminary sign includes: The skin does rough, the trace astringently becomes obvious, the relaxation, gloomy, fat secretion being out of balance, causes the dark sore and so on. Therefore is prompt and continues from the Collagrain to supplement that body's collagen regarding the female is very important, so that they can maintain the young sharp semblance year to year.


Besides, Collagrain's collagen can assist the female to have the sharp flesh, it may also let the female have the gloss hair (to glisten and silk supple hair, reduction sends phenomenon which, hair tail spreads out to grow quicker and thicker), a more tenacious nail (nail no longer frail and breaks, reduction to spread out, nail to grow quicker, longer) and the health the nimble joint (reduces joint ache, joint to be more nimble, can move freely), therefore female, as long as start from 25 year old, namely should pay attention from Collagrain supplement's collagen. The protein, achieves the inner and outer proper attentions to both; when the human body intrinsic organ obtains nourishing at the same time, besides Collagrain's collagen is the display in the subsidy effect. Let the feminine flesh obtain the moisturizer, the bright skin, the tight skin, the crease-resist, and the repair cosmetology benefit, the sending out charm.


Actually the Collagrain suitable for various ages level of female, it not only may supplement the human body needs many kinds of nutrition ingredients. The improvement intestinal tract creeping motion, promotes the flesh youth, sends tightly, improves the skin sensitive issue, supplemented that the outflow calcareous, strengthens the skeleton, delays the viscera function to decline, awakens in vivo self-recovery ability, the hair grows, pitch-black has the gloss sharp, wrinkle vanishing, the fat group is eliminated, the vision is keener, memory improvement, sleep conditions improve, also increases the cerebrum vigor, the relieve fatigue, reduces the human body indirectly to the medicine the dependence.



Firstly pours 200ml of warm water into the cup, pour in 1 sachet of Collagrain,  stir evenly, drinks immediately,  1-2 times daily.


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