YOUTH PLUS will help you in Skin Whitening, firming and Anti UV effectively. You will be able to reducing wrinkles, make the skin more delicate, silky in just A MONTH time from now!



The Benefits of YOUTHPLUS™(Clinical Approval)

-Strengthen joint

– Extend the life of cells, delay aging

– Resist & Reduce wrinkles (-26%)

– Activation & strengthening of tissue regeneration

– Against free radicals

– Increase the skin’s resistance to UV against light damage


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Product Details

  • YOUTHPLUS 含有丰富的抗氧化的活性成分,能有效帮助我们的细胞延迟老化,修复皮肤面层,淡化鱼尾纹,对抗自由基
  • 丰富的维生素 C 和葡萄干细胞培养提取物能够美白肌肤,增加皮肤的紫外线耐受性,对抗光线的伤害
  • 延長年輕細胞壽命
  • 內含多種高效抗氧化劑,包含维生素C、维生素E、和辅酶Q10
    • 對抗自由基傷害,降低疾病發生的機率
    • 天然蔬果精華,口感更佳

    臨床實驗報告( Clinical Approval)

    * 延长细胞的寿命,延迟老化。


    *减少皱纹( -26 % )




T & C

  • tem sold is non returnable
  • This item ships within Peninsular Malaysia only, excluding Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan
  • There might be delay on delivery. Delivery duration is depends on logistic, commonly from 4-7 working days.
  • Buyer will be notified upon parcel is shipped and a tracking number will be furnished


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