Elegance, convenience, and fresh brewed taste is all included in this pour over ceramic coffee maker.To prepare one to two cups of coffee with fresh brewed taste. Designed to fit most coffee mugs. Designed to allow optimal coffee flavor brewing and extraction. Simply place on top of your coffee mug, pop in the ceramic coffee maker, add your favorite finely ground coffee to taste and pour boiling water slowly.

Double wall coffee glass retains heat and freshness longer while leaving the outside wall cool to the touch. Double wall also keeps the mug free from condensation. Perfectly suited for a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. 8-ounce capacity. 

Rengit Excelsa Coffee grounds is prized for its fascinating bean appearance, strong aroma, fruity citrus blossom taste. Its fair body, light acidity, smooth flavour and lasting aftertaste. Rengit Coffee is a healthier option of coffee. 100% No Added Sugar, Rengit Excelsa Pure Coffee is embraced by diabetics as a health drink and by all its drinkers, as a ‘pure’ coffee.

1x Ceramic coffee dripper, 
1x double wall coffee glass, 
1x coffee ground (250g)  
1x coffee scoop.


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