天然椰子沐浴露 Cocoil Natural Soap


100% 天然椰子沐浴露, 富含月桂酸, 与母乳成分相同。  适用于任何皮肤类型尤其是敏感型肤质。  具有抗菌, 滋润以及美白肤质之功效, 让皮肤恢复清爽活力!

成分:天然- 椰油,薰衣草,龍腦香。有機認證- 蘆薈,檸檬。


100% natural coconut bath soap.  Contains coconut oils that rich in Laurice Acid same as what found in breast milk.  Suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin.  Antibacterial,  moisturizing and whitening.   Unlike synthetically mixed, this natural alkaline based soap cleanse your skin and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed!

Ingredients: Natural- Cocooil, lavender, & Bingpian.  Certified organic- Aloevera & lemon.


Product Details

此产品来自于森美兰州的知知港有机生态农场。 为了确保我们享用的都是真正有机或天然的产品,我们至少应该考量:


  1. 它是在何处生产?
  2. 是否拥有有机认证?


成立于1997年, 知知港有机生态农场是马来西亚有机行业里的先锋之一,  并拥有大马SOM有机认证及澳洲NASSA有机认证。  坐落于森美兰州偏远郊外;海拔1000山上的"Jelebu"城 (Jelebu意为 “雾”);到处环绕者山林绿野,是一个空气清新、凉爽、干净并适合有机耕种的好地方。  占地40 多英亩的知知港有机生态农场集合天然有机耕种与农场度假村为一体,内有有机蔬果园,草本植物花园, 鱼塘,休闲娱乐区,及有机产品工作坊等等。  知知港有机生态农场 欢迎每一位酷爱大自然的爱好者到来关爱地球, 品尝并爱上以天然方式烹煮的食物, 分享有机耕种及种种环保问题等等。  您将亲自体验园主对有机事业投入的纯粹及热诚!



This product is bring to you from Titi Eco Organic Farm, Negeri Sembilan.  To ensure what we bought is genuine organic or natural product, one has to know:


  1. Where it was being manufactured?
  2.  Whether it was certified organic?


Established since 1997; Titi Eco Organic farm is one of the pioneer in the industry which  has obtained both Malaysia organic and NASSA Australia organic certification standard.   It is located in a countryside village called "Jelebu", Negeri Sembilan which means "Foggy" which is about 1000 feet above sea level, surrounded by hills and lush greenery where the air is cooler, fresher and cleaner.   It covers an areas of over 40 acres with organic vegetables farm, fruits garden, herbs garden, fishponds, recreational area and in-house factory.  It is an integration of organic and natural farms with farm stay resort that welcome everyone to visit and experience the nature, learn to be caring for the earth, appreciate and love the natural food, share ideas on organic farming and environmental issues, etc..  You may see for yourself the genuine commitment to organic farming while you were there! 




                                          Health Sharing is our Spirit Truthful Kind’ful’ Beautiful (TKB) is our Motto!

T & C

运输政策Shipping Policy:

如果有任何产品被沽清,我们将与你联系更改运输日期或另作安排。If the product ordered is out-of-stock, we will contact you to confirm a new delivery date or other instructions.



回退政策Return Policy:

1. 货物出售恕不接纳替换或回退除了误送不对的产品例外。 All goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-returnable unless in the event of incorrect item delivered.

2. 如有误送任何不对的产品, 请第一时间联系电邮 连同Logon 印本 (发票单/提货单)或 致电:0135122939要求回退。.  



Our office hours: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm


辦公時間:星期一至五 9:00am - 5:00pm


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