Product details of Shine Co-Q Plus Fish Oil Softgel (10’s x 3 Softgels)


Co-Q Plus softgel  60’s Softgel

Q10  60粒軟膠囊


Shine Co-Q Plus consists of four different types of ingredients that are very effective in protecting our cardiovascular system. Coenzyme Q10 acts as a powerful antioxidant and also as an important compound for energy production for heart function. It is also enriched with fish oil, which provides omega-3 fatty acids that reduces blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Along with lycopene and selenium which protect our cells from free radical damage, it is able to effectively improve our cardiovascular.


Each softgel contains:

Co-enzyme Q10 - 100mg

Selenium - 70mg

Fish oil - 500mg

Lycopene - 4,000mcg


Indication: For protection of cardiovascular system



Powerful antioxidants improve immune functions

Softgel capsule enhances absorption

Advanced formula provides various health promoting functions. 


Dosage & Administration: 1 softgel, 1 to 2 times daily with or after meal.


Shine CO-Q Plus 含有四種成份以有效維護我們心血管健康。Shine CO-Q Plus中含輔酶Q10它具有抗氧化的作用,也產生能量以維護心臟功能。


Shine CO-Q Plus也富含魚油,有助於降低膽固醇及三酸甘油脂。此外,它也含有番茄紅素和硒,能夠保護細胞以避免受自由基攻擊,進而增進心血管系統的健康。


每膜衣錠中含 :

輔酶Q10 - 100mg

硒 - 70mg

魚油 - 500mg

番茄紅素 - 4,000mcg


適合: 試用於維護心血管健康



·         高效抗氧化成份以增強免疫力

·         軟膠囊有助於提高吸收率

·         先進配方提供多種保健功效


服用: 每次1顆膠囊,每日1至2次,可於用餐時或飯後食用


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