• Easy to brew. Already made into 1pc per serving up for 3-5 persons
  • Clean and hygienic processed
  • Extremely strong fragrance (smell of "glutinous rice" or barley)
  • Effective and good to eliminate oily food / fats in daily meal
  • Generally this tea is mild and will not cause insomnia (medical advise might be required for those with serious illness)

This tea has a very mild, soft mouth feel. It makes you feel warm & refreshing. The glutinous rice aroma (its aroma likes barley to some tea enthusiast) lingering in mouth while the sweet aftertaste stays in your throat. It still tastes like pu-erh but there is this ricey tone in the background. The herb primarily affects the aroma of this tea but it’s very neutral, won't cover the overall pu-erh character.
The existence of herb in China’s Yunnan Province who’s aroma closely resembles that of sticky glutinous rice. “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye” translates to “Sweet Rice Tender Leaves.” This tea in maocha form, is left for months in close contact with Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye leaves until the tea leaves take on the scent of the herb. The leaves are pressed into tiny tuocha, which means “dome-shaped bowl tea.” The shape resembles tiny birds-nests, and they are individually wrapped in rice paper. The paper must be removed before steeping. Once steeped, the tea emits a sweet aroma identical to that of fresh sticky rice. The liquor is very brothy and resembles genmaicha in color and taste.

Type: Special black tea. Can drink after brewing in 10 to 25 seconds. 

Additional sugar or milk NOT required. Strong fragrance.

Shape: Tuocha. Half round / dome shape. Compressed

Usage: This tea to eliminate fats / oils. For better digestion, slimming and general health. 

Untuk mengurangkan minyak dan lemak dalam makanan harian kita. Meningkatkan keberkesanan sistem penghadaman dalam badan. Sedap dan wangi (haruman barli). Sedap diminum tanpa gula dan susu.
Paling sesuai diminum bersama makanan berlemak seperti kari, rendang, makanan goreng2 dan lain lain. 



Product Details

Batch year: 2012 

Place of origin: Yunnan

Benefits: Reduce oil, slimming, improves digestion etc

Advantages: Small and convenience to carry around. Enjoy this aromatic tea at wherever restaurant with your favorite Bak Kut Teh, dinner, Yau char kuey, Dim Sum etc


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