Key Benefits:-
Compact, corded keyboard with original CHERRY MX modules
• World exclusive CHERRY Gold Crosspoint technology
• Four different keyswitches available: black, red, brown, blue
• 50 million+ operations for each key
• Wear-resistant lettering on the key caps thanks to laser technology
• USB connection for laptops and PCs
• Easy to install, requiring no technical knowledge
The Benefits of Using Mechanical Keyboards
Why You Should Switch to Better Switches Today
In the last few years, mechanical keyboards have gained more attention as gamers and typists look for higher-quality keyboards. Gaming keyboards have become quite sophisticated and often feature mechanical switches. The dominance of membrane keyboards is slowly being called into question as more people rediscover this classic technology. So what exactly are the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard?
Quick & Precise
Switches in a Good Mechancical Keyboards only need to be pressed halfway before registering a keystroke, which means less work for your fingers he actuation force required to register a keystroke on membrane keyboards is often considerably lower than that on mechanical keyboards, which can lead to typos and slips of the finger. There are many types of mechanical switches and each can greatly affect the way a keyboard feels. Cherry MX mechanical switches are commonly found in mechanical keyboards and they differentiate the types by their color. 
The different Cherry MX switches have varying levels of feedback. This is due to the way a mechanical switch works. Most mechanical switches will register a keystroke when the key is only halfway depressed. Once the key reaches the halfway point, the distinctive mechanical click can be heard and felt. 
This is more than an audible byproduct of a mechanical process. It tells users when they can move on to the next letter, and it quickly becomes second nature. However, some mechanical switches, like Cherry MX Reds, do not offer as much feedback. The Red switch has a linear feel, which means no clicking sound or feel. The Red switch is also very sensitive, which is important in gaming keyboards because it allows for very fast response times.
Cherry MX switches are rated for a life cycle of 50 million keystrokes. With such a long switch life, something else in the keyboard is liable to break before you have problems with the switches. Normal membrane keyboards are often rated for a life cycle of 1 to 10 million keystrokes. Membrane switches simply do not last as long as mechanical switches. 
So if you're a power user, gamer or you work in front of a computer every day, investing in a mechanical keyboard will pay off in the long run. Just make sure that you choose the right keyboard because it will be with you for a long time.

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