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Product Name ChemicaBoy UVR Moisturizing Nanowax - 10100001
Product Weight 220gm (777oz)

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Car Beauty And Care Info with Q&A

A good car care product is a spring of life for your car's paintwork

and make your car look smart.

ChemicalBoy will be doing that for you,

it's the trusted of choice for not only professional car industry but car owners too.
Pick it up and start cleaning your car with greatness today!

Product of ChemicaBoy protect your car paint from dullness caused by sunlight

and rain without leaving water mark and white residue,

and giving you a shine for your car everyday.

Product of ChemicaBoy adds a deep layer of protection & magnifies paint reflectivity.

Produce a high mirror effect shine, UV protection, water repellent & beadings,

detergent-resistant, clear coat safe and long lasting.

5 E are the concept of Chemicaboy's product.
Easy on easy off.
Easy work.
Environment safe.
Energy saving.


Suitable for all Paint work on metal, Paint work on plastic, Metallic,

2K, Newly painted cars.



Wash your car without drying it,

simply lay this product via wax applicator in a circular motion

in one section to another at a time. You can apply it in 4 simple way,

wet on-wet off, wet on-dry off, dry on-dry off, dry on-wet off.
Ensure a thin and even layer of ChemicaBoy UVR Moisturizing Nanowax

is applied on and allowed to be cured for about 15 minutes in between on and off.

For better result, use a clean and dry microfiber towel,

buffing it lightly to a high-gloss mirror shine.

( please use ChemicaBoy Wax Base Wash & Wax to wash your car

before polish or wax. and clean your paint with

ChemicaBoy Paint Cleaning Wax if necessary. )

Ideal To Use :
Before using ChemicaBoy UVR Moisturizing Nanowax for the first time,

wash and dry your car, then clean up the dirty of the paint.

and touch-up some light scratch or light swirl by ChemicaBoy Paint Cleaning Wax.

after buffing off ChemicaBoy Paint Cleaning Wax.

then apply ChemicaBoy UVR Moisturizing Nanowax.

To maintain your car looks new everyday,

please use ChemicaBoy UVR Moisturizing Nanowax twice a week,

follow the step of directions above.



Chart Of Different Of Polish And Wax



Follow the step below to solve it



Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets

Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame.

MSDS available upon request.

Precautions : Ingredients may cause skin and eye irritation.

Keep container close and store indoors when not in use.

Keep in low temperature.

Suggested first aid : if swallowed : Do not induce vomiting.

Seek physician immediately.

Eye Contact : Flush eyes with plenty of water immediately.

Seek physician if irritation persists.

Skin Contact : Flush skin with soap and water.

Seek physician if irritation persist.

Inhalation : Expose to fresh air,

if breathing difficulty still persists or occurs later consult a physician.


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