All Purpose Degreaser Detergent, From Mild To Heavy Stain.. Do It Yourself...



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Product Chemicaboy All Purpose Degreaser Detergent - 20300004
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Chemicaboy All Purpose Degreaser Detergent,

Design To Conquer Stain & Bacterial

From Mild To Heavy Stain.. Do It Yourself...


A high end all purpose degreaser detergent are helpful in family use,

from inside to outside your home, vehicle, floor, ceramic, tile, cabinet, kitchen, tabletop,

garden, wall, engine room, wheel, tyre, toilet bowl, wash room, jewelry, carpet,

windows glass, microwave oven, exhaus fan, dirty cloth, pot and pans, sink,

stovetop,outdoor floor...etc

Directions: -

Dilutions :
1 : 1 = 100 APDD + 100ml water
for heavy degreasing
such as engine, wheel, toilet bowl,
out door car park floor...etc..

1 : 4 = 100APDD + 400ml water
for regular degreasing

1 : 10 = 100APDD + 1000ml water
for mild degreasing
chrome surfaces, table top, kitchen table...etc.



For safety purpose test on a small inconspicuous area before use

to ensure colour fastness of surface to be cleaned.


為了安全起見, 使用前, 請先在不顯眼小處抹上, 以切保不損傷清潔的表面.


*Safe To Use

*No Side Effect




* Clean and cut grease / 干净且清除油脂
* Anti - bacteria / 防抗细菌
* Non - toxic / 無毒



* Avoid contact with eyes.

* Keep out of reach children.








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