Mid-Autumn Festival (15th August in Lunar Calendar), which is also named ' Reunion Day' is just around the corner, it would be fun to walk with the lanterns and guess the riddles.

‘Guessing lantern riddles’ is Chinese unique form of entertainment, it is the special program during Chap Goh Mei (15th January in Lunar Calendar) which started long time ago in China. ‘Guessing lantern riddles’ evolved from the written riddles, which is originated about two thousand seven hundred years ago. It is a rich ridiculed remonstrance, precepts, humorous, satirical literary game. The riddles  written on the lantern, for the people to make a guess began around eight hundred years ago, in the Southern Song Dynasty .

Guessing the riddles and creating the riddles is a cultural activity that are enlightening wisdom, increasing knowledge, being eye-opening and enriching the cultural life.  It is a common activity in Chap Goh Mei or Mid-Autumn Festival, to extend the joyous of the enjoyable festival.

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規格:直徑 16cm x 高度約 19cm(掛起來後)
顏色: 一套有五个颜色;藍色、黃色、粉紅色、紅色、暗紅色(每個顏色的燈謎不一樣)

Dimensions: Ø16cm x height 19cm (after hanging)
Colour: 5 colours/set; blue, yellow, pink, red, dark red (each colour has different riddle)
Number of riddle: Every lantern printed with 1-2 different riddles
Suggestion: do use the wide flat base candle for these candles. People may drag the folded lantern longer to see riddle clearer, this may tilt the burning candles in it & accidentally burn the lantern, then it would forever a mystery .



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