Product details of R-II (R2) Rose Stem Cell Beverage (20 Sachets x 8g) 玫瑰干细胞饮料


R-II Rose Stem Cell Whitening Beverage
R-II 玫瑰干细胞美白饮料

R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞

Merging healthy, young, white!

Create a new you! R-II uses patented Swiss efficiency “star” whitening ingredient, is grown at an altitude of over 3000 meters high in the Swiss Alps in the wild rose stem cells, scientists use advanced PhytoCellTecTM technology, the R-II rose stem cells incorporate a water soluble extract powder drinks, easily absorbed by the body, combined with a cherry, rice, pomegranate extract, strawberry polyphenols and other precious plant extracts, from the source to block the formation of melanin.

For up to 18 years of research under Swiss nutritionist, confirmed that R-II rose stem cells have the protection of human epidermal stem cells to enhance their survival and to promote epidermal hyperplasia. Also has excellent antioxidant, skin stay young muscle condition. So as to breathe new life into the driving force behind hundreds of millions of skin cells, freeze state and eliminate skin melanin bomb slip.



R-II invented 3R Technology

Recovery • Activation • Renewal

Rose stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors unique trace elements, the active ingredient that helps the damaged cell regeneration and metabolism, enhance the regenerative capacity of human skin stem cells. Many women get one week to magical effects, especially the effect of whitening and less wrinkle, even more taken by surprise.

Women perennial Southeast Asian countries in the sun exposure, the skin under the sun’s ultraviolet irradiation will form a lot of melanin in the dermis, through metabolism, skin cells goes up layer by layer, melanoma also goes up, accumulate in the table on the cortex If our skin metabolism faster, melanin will fall off, if slow metabolism, it will accumulate to the epidermis, the epidermis accumulation in some places more, some less accumulation, some thick, some thin, form the uneven skin tone.

R-ll can be said that the emergence of the Southeast Asian country girls caroling, which effectively lower intense anti-ultraviolet radiation, extreme cold and dry weather, the source from the formation of melanin, the direct inhibition of melanin mother cells are activated in the skin and harmful radical and deep repair damaged cells, blocking the formation of melanin activation stage, so melanoma cells in a sleeping state. So that the skin whitening and more beautiful!


R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞

- An extension of the vitality of skin stem cells, repair and regeneration skin cell
- Skin whitening, reduce the formation of melanin
- Improve skin radians and brightness
- Protect the skin resist the cold, dry and ultraviolet radiation
- Shrink pores, reduce wrinkles
- Enhance skin moisturizing ability
- Promote delicate skin elasticity and smoothness
- Prevent cardiovascular disease
- Anti-aging, enhance immunity
- Prevent osteoporosis
- Present cancer caused by chemicals into the body
- Lower blood sugar

R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞


R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞


R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞
R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞
R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞
R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞
R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞
R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞


• Suitable for age 16 years old and above
• 适用于16岁或以上人士


- Take 1-2 sachet before breakfast per day
Direction 1 : Pour 1 sachet into the mouth directly and drink a glass of water/ fruit juice
Direction 2 : Pour 1-2 into a glass of water and drink

- 每日早餐前服用 1-2包
吃法1: 把1包RII 直接倒入口里配用一杯请水/果汁
吃法2: 把1-2包RII 倒入清水中饮用


R-II Rose stem cell drink R2 玫瑰干细胞

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