[ Description ]
**Special design with gold and black colour metal element, with a anti-allergic set  brushes , brushes look more elegance and prestige.  
**Professional of good quality. CQ-provide good quality brushes so that every girl has their own set of professional brushes. 
**Natural wood handle, matt black paint, with golden light brush tube, fashion and more professional design
**High quality goat's hair and fine fiber, all brushes is handmade 
**Brush case is using high-grade PU fabric, comfortable, easy to carry and all black design for more professional style.
[ Make-up Brush Specifications ]
1.Fan Brush
   Goat's hair
   Brush length:18.5cm     Hair length:4.5cm
2.Powder Brush
   Fiber + goat's hair
   Brush length:19cm     Hair length:4.8cm
3.Blush Brush
   Fiber + goat's hair
   Brush length:17.5cm    Hair length:3.5cm
4 Foundation Brush
   High-grade fiber
   Brush length:17cm     Hair length:3cm 
5.Oval Brush
   Pony hair
   Brush length:17cm   Hair length:1cm 
6.Blooming Brush
   Pony hair
   Brush length:17cm   Hair length::1.2cm
7.Extra Large Eye Shadow Brush
   Wolf hair + pony hair
   Brush length:17cm      Hair length:1.5cm
8.Large Eye Shadow Brush
   Wolf hair + pony hair
   Brush length:17cm   Hair length:1.3cm
9.Medium Eye Shadow Brush
   Wolf hair + pony hair
   Brush length:17cm   Hair length:1cm 
10.Small Eye Shadow Brush
     Wolf hair + pony hair
     Brush length:17cm     Hair length:0.7cm
11.Eye Shadow Brush (oblique)
     Wolf hair pony hair
     Brush length:17cm     Hair length:1.5cm
12.Concealer Brush
     High-grade fiber
     Brush length:17cm    Hair length:1.2cm
13.Eyeliner Brush
     High-grade fiber
     Brush length:15.5cm   Hair length:0.7cm
14.Cream Shadow Brush
     High-grade fiber
     Brush length:17cm   Hair length:1.2cm
15.Sponge Eye Shadow Pen
     Pen length:15.5cm    Sponge length:0.6cm
16.Eyebrow and Mascara Brush
     High-grade fiber
     Brush length:18cm    Hair length:2.5cm 
17.Dual Eyebrow and Eyelash brush 
     Brush length:18cm  Hair brush:3cm
18.Lip Brush 
    High-grade fiber
    Brush length:10cm   Hair length:1cm 
[ Brush Case Specifications ]
 Brush Case length 48 * 22.5 cm (Open)
 Brush Case length 13 * 22.5 cm (Folded)
[ Weight ]
[ Country of Origin ]


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