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Researchers had recently discovered a cutting edge technology in the area of ‘Eye Health and Body Wellness’. By using two (2) main botanical ingredients LUTEIN and ASTAXANTHIN together with nine (9) types of wild berries and natural fruits which recently made their way to the market the new product is found to be far more effective and can produce result in just a matter of days! Our bio-chemist from France discovered that Crystal Eyes formula can inhibit the damaging effects of oxidative UV blue light stress that can eventually lead to eye Age Macular Degeneration (AMD), Retina Pigment Epithelium (R.P.E.), cataracts, wet AMD & dry A.M.D.


Crystal Eyes formula uses these incredible superb quality nutrients which are hard to find in typical eye health products. The product can also improve skin hydration by 38%elasticity by 8% and super facial lipids by 33%. It may help booster the skin’s natural antioxidant defence system which can eliminate various types of skin problems. Other than eyes and skin it can also help reduce inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and other body ailments.

The challenging thing is these incredible nutrients are hard to find in typical eye health products. And they must be the superb quality for you to reep the benefits for your eyes and body.

“You are not the first one who enjoys benefits from Lutein & Astaxanthin

and it has been consumed by many more billions of people

including pilots across the world”


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The 11 main amazing ingredients are 100% from Natural Plants

and Fruits


1) Lutein –

Lutein helps protect your eyes and skin from ultraviolet (UV) damage; its yellow color blocks blue (UV) light from absorption. Studies have shown that lutein reduce inflammation and redness in the skin and also help prevent skin cancer. Lutein may help to prevent or slow down atherosclerosis, a condition that causes the arteries to clog and often lead to cardiovascular disease.

2) Astaxanthin 

Astaxanthin is one of the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant nutrients and is over ten times potent than other carotenoids in this earth. Astaxanthin is one of a group of natural pigments known as Xanthophylls from carotenoid family. This carotenoids are plant chemicals use by the plant to survive. Similar to alpha lipoic acid, it can reach in to each and every cell in your body, fighting free radicals that would otherwise harm those cells. It can pass into your brain to protect not only your brain, but also your nerves system as well. It can be absorbed into your eyes to protect your vision.

3) Black Current Berry –

Black current berry contain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, A, B6, B12, E, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Zine. It has the variety of health benefits that can help relieve including Menopausal symptoms, calmness, tiredness, teeth and gum problems, thinning of the hair, varicose veins, lupus and skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, reduce inflammation and brittle nails.

4) Bilberry –

Bilberry can treat various disease such as urinary tract infections, kidneys stones, diarrhea and poor night vision. Scientific research have discovered that bilberry contain two compounds Anthocyanosides and Tannins. Anthocyanosides improve the blood flow to the tiny vessels that keep the eyes healthy to slow down visual loss, help varicose vein, and haemorrhoids. Tannis help treat diarrhea, sore throats, mouth inflammations, improve red blood cells, and has cholesterol lowering effects.

5) Blueberry –

According to a study presented at the 2009 Experimental Biology Conference, blueberry can lower blood cholesterol levels, heart disease, diabetes, reduce belly fat, metabolic syndrome, improve brain health, constipation, inhibit colon cancer cell, urinary tract, inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

6) Cranberry –

Cranberries are beneficial as it decrease bad cholestrol (LDL) and increase good cholestrol (HDL) in blood. Thus it increase blood flow towards the heart. So it is beneficial in preventing heart disease, stroke, preventing aging, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, boost immune system, teeth health, ulcer, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in stomach and preventing kidney stone.

7) Elderberry –

Elderberry benefits that range from asthma, cough, flu, sore throat and bronchitis to cancer treatment. This elderberry contain agglutinins which can also explusion of mucus from the lungs and it can clears the sinuses and nasal passage congested due to bacterial or viral infections. It has the ability to fight and suppress cancer, improves kidney function, and protects the heart, reduce LDL and increase HDL. For skin, it reduce the appearance of dark sports and blemishes, reduce acne and also help our hair to smoother.

8) Raspberry –

Raspberry are rich source of vitamin and fiber. They are low-glycemic fruits that has a minimal impact on blood glucose, good news for diabetics person. It’s contain ellagic acid which help prevent cell damage by free radicals and has cancer protective properties.

9) Red Grape –

Red grape has the flavonoids which give red grape their brilliant color. They have two types of flavonoids called Quercitin and Resverotal and know for their disease prevention qualities. This two flavonoid shown to increase expectancy as well as anti-cancer properties and anti-inflammatory benefits. Red grape are high insaponis which have anti-tumor properties.

10) Strawberry –

The dietary fiber in strawberry helps to keep digestion regular, as well as lowers blood pressure and curbs overeating. It’s inhibiting the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX) in the same way the drugs aspirin and ibuprofen do. Strawberry is well-known to fight against the on set of many different forms of cancer and defense against potentially cancerous cells. Strawberry contain manganese, Vitamin K, and magnesium are also important for our bone health.

11) Green Apple (Malic Acid) 

One apple a day, as it has wonderful benefits for the body, mind and skin. Malic acid energizes the body thus reduces fatigue and improve energy levels such as patients of fibromyalgia and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), body builders eat malic acid to minimize muscle wear and fatigue. Malic Acid is great for digestion, help to eliminate heavy toxic metals such as aluminium and strontium are dangerous for brain and liver health. It can also increase mental ness and promote aging signs including wrinckles, dark spots, discolorations, dullness, pimples and younger looking skin. Malic acid is good for oral health such as gum and teeth.

“Is so natural and safe that we can guarantee it !!”




2 Major Ingredients









LUTEIN is found in marigold flower petals from Switzerland. It exists in ‘esterified’ form and is commonly known as lutein ester. Lutein ester is derived from marigold flowers, which is a rich, safe and natural source of lutein. Lutein is an antioxidant that plays an important role in protecting our eyes, body and skin health. It contains xanthophyll, which is a type of carotenoid found in concentrated form in dark-green, leafy vegetables and in marigold flowers. According to Medical Research lutein is a powerful antioxidant that gives food a red, orange or yellow colour. The carotenoid is a pigmented phytonutrient that assists the human body to recover from damage caused by free radicals and contributes to prevention of cancer.

Lutein also protects the eyes from damage caused by the sun’s UV rays as well as harmful blue lights from computer, T.V screens, smartphones and tablets. Many medical studies have shown that lutein reduces inflammation and redness in the skin and may even prevent skin cancer. Most researchers worldwide have concluded that diets very rich in carotenoid play a major role in preventing a variety of ailments in eyes, skin, blood, liver, lung, heart, stomach, kidney, brain, uterine/womb, head, and cancer. Lutein cannot be produced by the body. The only way to take advantage of lutein’s powerful antioxidant benefits is by consuming water soluble products such as Cellglò Crystal Eyes.. Lutein is cannot self-produced by body. The only way to take advantage of lutein’s powerful antioxidant benefits is by consuming water soluble Cellglò Crystal Eyes.

The Miracle of Lutein in Cellglo Crystal Eyes 











Cultivation of Astaxanthin in Hawaii Island

ASTAXANTHIN is a deep red-colored phytonutrient synthesized by microalgae called Haematococcus Pluvialis. Haematococcus Pluvialis is a marine algae were the first plants to appear on this planet. This microalgae which are the primary diet of flamingos, salmon, shrimp, lobsters, krill, crabs and other aquatic animals gives them the vibrant orange-pink hue. The algae produce astaxanthin which in turn shields the algae from crisis, and absorbs free radicals to protect it from injury. These algae can survive up to 30 years without water during times of drought. Once the water reappears the algae pop back to life.

For use in our product astaxanthin is extracted from microalgae grown in Hawaii Island in Kona Coast fresh water using sophisticated technologies that protect it from oxidation, UV radiation and other environment stresses.

Astaxanthin belongs to the carotenoid family.Over 500 scientific studies have been conducted on this gem of nature. Astaxanthin can handle different types of free radicals as well as multiple free radicals simultaneously; in some cases more than 19 at the same time. It is revered as the most powerful antioxidant on our planet earth discovered to date.




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When you measure gram per gram of these sources….

> Salmon fish contain from 5 – 40 parts per million.

> Krill contain about 120 parts per million.

> Shrimps provide about 1,200 parts per million.

> Marine microalgae (Haematococcus) contain 40,000 parts per million.


 So you see Crystal Eye contains far more concentrated natural Astaxanthin (Haematococcus Pluvialis) than the others and its also 100% natural sources.




Have met the requirement for natural, clean and safe to consume by all ages:

  • Solvent Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Colouring Free
  • Wax Free
  • Triglycerides Free
  • Gelatin Free


eye revolution3



研究者最近证实利用两种基于植物的组成成分叶黄素虾青素,与九种野生浆果这样的组合可对眼睛护理及身体健康产生很大帮助。这样的组成在结果中短时间就起效,非常神奇!我们法国的生化科学家已经发现 Crystal Eyes 这方程可抑制UV蓝光氧化应激对眼睛的伤害,这些伤害包括老年性黃斑部病變 (AMD),视网膜色素上皮细胞老化(RPE),白内障


这方程还增加皮肤水分 38%弹性 8%,脸部良心脂肪 33%。不止如此,它还增强皮肤的天然抗氧化防御系统,进而消除各种皮肤问题。除了对于眼睛与皮肤的帮助,它减轻炎症,降低心脏疾病,中风和帮组消化




“ 今天您不是第一个开始食用叶黄素和虾青素,



dry_eye picture 2







11 个惊人的主要成分在 Cellglò 水晶眼睛是 100%来自天然植物和水果:


1) 叶黄素 (Lutein) –


2) 虾青素 (Astaxanthin) 


3) 黑醋栗 (Blackcurrant Berry) –


4) 山桑子 (Bilberry) –

山桑子可以治疗各种疾病,如尿道感染,肾结石,腹泻,夜间视力。科学研究已经发现,山桑子含有两种化合物,花青素和单宁。花青素改善微小血管,保持眼睛健康,减缓视力丧失,有利于静脉曲张和痔疮。 单宁则可以治疗腹泻,喉咙痛,口腔炎症,增强红血细胞,并有降低胆固醇的效果。

5) 蓝莓 (Blueberry) –


6) 蔓越莓 (Cranberry) –


7) 接骨木莓 (Elderberry) –


8) 树莓 (Raspberry) –


9) 红葡萄 (Red Grape) –


10) 草莓 (Strawberry) –


11) 苹果酸(青苹果)Malic Acid, Green Apple 


“我们可以保证它是那么的天然和安全 !!”





2 主要成分


叶黄素 (万寿菊花)







叶黄素还能保护眼睛免受太阳的紫外线以及电脑,电视屏幕,智能手机和平板电脑发出的有害蓝光所造成的损害。许多医学研究表明,叶黄素减少皮肤中的炎症和红肿,甚至可能防止皮肤癌的风险。各地的研究人员的结论是,丰富的类胡萝卜素的饮食非常重要,这预防各种眼睛,皮肤,血液,肝,肺,心脏,中风,胃,肾,脑,子宫,头及各器官的疾病和癌症。毕竟叶黄素不能自我身体所产生的,食用水溶性 Cellglò 水晶眼睛才能充分利用叶黄素强大的抗氧化的好处。




类胡萝卜素 – 眼睛,心脏和免疫系统








这块宝贵的领域已经进行了超过 500个科学研究。虾青素可以处理不同种类的自由基,某些情况更可超过19种,当然被尊称为我们的地球上迄今为止发现的最强大的抗氧化剂



虾青素 – 如何从雨生红球藻生产虾青素的农场






> 鲑鱼含有百万分之 5 – 40

> 磷虾含有大约 120分之一。

> 虾占约 1,200百万分之。

> 海洋微藻(红球),含有百万分之 40,000






是什么使效阔”水晶眼睛”与别人不同 ?

效阔 “ 水晶眼睛 ” 含有纯天然,清洁和安全的成分,适合所有年龄:

  • 无溶剂
  • 不含防腐剂
  • 无麸质
  • 无转基因生物
  • 无色素
  • 无蜡
  • 无甘油三脂和其他杂质
  • 无明胶

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