Help to rejuvenate the skin
Help to slow down aging
Delay menopause process
Prevent Cancer
Tighten and firm the breasts


Help skin recover
Help slow down the aging
Delay menopause
Prevent cancer
Make breast firm and tight

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ACCORDING to Health Magazines, breast and cervical cancers Cancer Women are the MOST afraid of Around the World There are More than 1000 Reported Cases of Cancer are every year..

Breast Cancer

Cervical cancer



Liver cancer

Colon cancer


Without Health supplements, Managing Director Older Women are able to control or DELINQUENCY Often aging face. 
How Will face each woman physiological DELINQUENCY at Certain Times in Their Life?

 Women ages 12-20

- Long menstrual period and menstrual Extreme Pain.
- Facial Appearance Looks paler.
- Heavy Bleeding During menstrual periods or less.
- Physiological Problems May Differ in adulthood.

Isu-isu masalah fisiologi pada pada waktu berbeza kehidupan dewasa

Women ages 21-35

- Female hormone imbalance.
- Dizziness and laziness.
- Poor Blood circulation and get tired Quickly.

Women ages 36-50

- Cervical Cancer and breast Cancer
- Skin Appear less Rosy and pigmentation
- Dry Skin and wrinkles



1) Protection, repair, and regeneration of cells
2) Help to produce collagen, glucosamine, elastic fibers, and glycoprotein.
3) Form fibroblast.
4) Promote healthy body functions.
5) After stop consuming the products, the skin would remain healthy and glowing in a period.
6) The result of the beauty from inside (cells) to outside (skin), make you look younger, healthier and more attractive.
7) Treat women's physiological problems.
8) Prevent breast cancer and cervical cancer.
9) Boost stamina; enhance immunity, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.
10) Treatment of reducing peripheral vascular resistance and lowering high blood pressure.

Salmon Eggs:
. -promote the Regeneration of aging cells and Cell Activation
-Improve Endocrine system; Recover Energy and strong physical body.
-Stimulate Blood circulation and Anti aging
-Boost Immunity.
-Reduce the accumulation of free radicals.

Pueraria Mirifica:
-. Firm and smooth breasts
-Brighten and Refine the Skin
. -Reduce gray Hair
. -Reduce pigmentation
-Control sleep disorders.


Soy Isoflavones:
-Reduce breast Cancer.
-Control free radicals.
-Prevent menopausal Problems.
-Prevent osteoporosis.
-Reduce Cholesterol Levels in the body.

-Tighten female Private Parts.
- Reduce Bacteria in vagina.
-clean female Private Part.
- Reduce vaginal Discharge in the vagina.
-Repair vaginal cells.

Labisia Pumila:
. -Prevent the occurrence of precancerous cells
-Stabilize Tissues That need hormone Estrogen.
-Strengthen through absorption of the Bone Structure Bone.
-Help Reducing Excessive Gas in the body.
-Slim Tightening body through the muscles.

-Help to reduce High Blood sugar Level.
-protect eyeSight eye and Promote Health.
Protect the Skin-CAN.
-CAN Overcome Heart disease.
-Relieve Prevent Stress on the brain and Alzheimer's disease



Women are often faced with the problem:
According to Health Magazine, breast and cervical cancer is the world's women are most afraid of. Every year, more than 1000 cases of cancer.

Breast Cancer

Cervical cancer



Hepatic carcinoma

Colon Cancer


No nutritional supplements, women are easy to grow old or aging.
How each of the different stages women face different physical problems in life?


Women 12-20 years old stage

- Long menstrual cycle and menstrual pain -
- his face pale compared to -
- the period when the menstrual blood too much or too little -

Female physiological problems vary

Women 21-35 years old stage

- Female hormonal imbalance -
- dizziness and lethargy -
- blood barrier and it is easy to feel tired -


Women 36-50 years old stage

- Cervical cancer and breast cancer -
- dull and dark skin pigmentation -
- dry skin and wrinkles -

The main preventive function:


1) Protection, repair and promote cell regeneration.
2) Help the production of collagen, glucosamine, elastic fiber and high-density lipoprotein.
3) Connective fibroblasts.
4) The promotion of human health functions.
5) After stopping taking in a cycle, the skin can keep smooth and bright.
6) So that the body skin from the inside (cell) to the outside (skin) distributed pleasing luster, so you become beautiful and moving, distributing charm.
7) Adjust the physiological problems of women.
8) Prevention of breast and cervical cancer.
9) Increase body energy, enhance antioxidant and anti-aging immunity.
10) Reduce peripheral vascular resistance to help treat high blood pressure.
Salmon roe:
- senescent cells promote cell regeneration and activation.
- Improve the endocrine system, restore strength and strong physique.
- Promote blood circulation, anti-aging.
- Improve immunity.
- Reducing free radical composition.
Pueraria Mirifica:
- make breasts become firm breasts while moisturizing.
- Make skin smooth and delicate.
- Reduce the gray hair.
- Reduce pigmentation.
- Control sleep problems.




Soy isoflavones:
- reducing the risk of breast cancer.
- Control of free radicals.
- Prevention of postmenopausal problems.
- Prevention of osteoporosis.
- Lower cholesterol.

Oak Apple:
- make the vagina to restore flexibility.
- Reduce the vaginal bacteria.
- Clean the vaginal area.
- Reduce excessive vaginal discharge.
- Repair of vaginal cells.




Malay herbal Kaqi Fatimah:
- inhibit cancer cell reproduction.
- Balancing the need estrogen organization.
- To enhance bone by bone resorption.
- To help rid the body of excess gas.
- Body and help repair muscle contraction.
Black Currant:
- help lower high blood sugar levels.
- Protect vision and eye health care.
- The protection of the skin.
- Be able to solve heart problems.
- Release pressure on the brain and prevent Alzheimer's disease.


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