strengthen the immunity
promote brain growth and improve the function of brain cells
reduce fatigue and slow down aging process
Control blood sugar level,strengthen body function,boost stamina
helps recovering from surgery or injury
Improve the functions of the digestive system



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Patimah 70 years old Malacca: I’m already 70 years old, have the experience of sensitive skin and heel pain problems. After I have only drunk 8 packs of BoneCare , my heel is no longer painful. My skin also looks smooth, and no longer suffers from itchiness. I also consume Beaute Max Coffee.
Masita 33 years old Seremban: My child experienced the problem of sensitive skin and severe allergy since 2 years old. He couldn’t take or apply any medicines. After drinking only 3 packs of BoneCare, we have seen the improvement. My child’s skin is no longer red or itchy. My other children and I also consumeBoneCare. Our digestive system is degenerating everyday.


Treatment for Inflammatory diseases of the bones and joints.

Nowadays, living environment has become more alarming due to air and water pollution. Medicines and unhealthy diet are one of the factors that affect large amount of calcium lose from body as the body has to leach calcium out of the bones to neutralize the toxic acids. As a result, it will reduce the calcium from the bones and cause various types of bone disease.
Joint Damage

Sendi Rosak


Destruction of Cartilage Collagen accounts for 80% of the mass of bone in the human body.

Loose ligaments Collagen accounts for almost 100% of the humans’ cartilage.

Synovial inflammation Muscles and bones are attached to each other by collagens.

Our bones need a large amount of collagen, to prevent the loss of collagen; it has to adhere with calcium.
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Skin Lightening, Control the Secret of the Ages

Collagen – the essential nutrient which needed by the women in the whole life. There are a total of 500 million types of protein in the human body, where 30-40% of the proteins are collagen. In other words, if a person’s weight is 70kg, which means 4kg is the collagen. In Europe, there are 80% of women taking oral collagen. Jie Ya (Hollywood Top Beauty Expert) verified:” The Hollywood movie stars maintain their young faces with the consumption of collagen.” Zheng Hui Wen (Professor of Medicine at University of California) said: “70% of human skin tissues are formed by collagen to maintain skin’s moisture and skin elasticity. Women start experiencing collagen deterioration from the age of 20, until 40 years old, the content of collagen in their skin has reduced by half compared to the age of 20. The father of Protoplasm, Professor J. Brandt mentioned during his talk: “the process of skin aging is the process of body losing collagen.”

Percentage of the collagen content (%) Age
100 0
80 20
60 40
40 60
20 80


Benefits of Collagen

Eliminate Wrinkles

Collagen that penetrates into the skin layers reducing wrinkles.

Preserve Skin’s Moisture

Triple helix structure in the collagen can keep 30 times of water in the skin to nourish the skin for lasting delicate, shine, and supple.

Restore flexibility

When the collagen penetrates into the skin tissues, it can recover broken fibre network back to the original skin.

Beautify skin

Tighten the skin cells connection, eliminate black pigments and toxins in the skin, lighten the skin and fade dark spots.


Prevent wrinkles and maintain skin colour to be always healthy and fair.

Breast beautification

The hydroxyproline of collagen has the function of tightening the 
connective tissue by firming up the loose structure to make the breast firm, bosomy, and healthy.

COLOSTRUMS – Life’s First Food :
It is the pre-milk, which is produced in the first three days by all mammalian mothers following the birth of their young. Therefore, colostrum is frequently referred to as “life’s first food”. Colostrum is full of the essential nutrients to provide the babies with the ability to face different health issues in their lifetime, including the invasion of germs and environmental toxins.
In the first six hours after the birth of newborn, colostrum that is secreted by the mother contains high levels of immunoglobulin, growth factors, vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes and proteins. Immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, are a group of specialised bio-active proteins. Antibodies are important in building the immune system to defend the body against harmful microorganisms. 

All living mammals are equipped with the mammary gland which allows mammals to breastfeed their young. Humans are no exception. However, the quantity of human colostrum is relatively limited due to certain factors. Hence, the need to seek for other ways has arisen.

Researchers have found that bovine colostrum is the choice that suits the human body best. The content of its nutrient is identical to nutrient content of human colostrum, and even 4 times more nutrient content than human colostrum. Due to its character as a natural food source with complete nutrient, colostrum is also known as “nutraceutical” – functional food that can help human body to cope with health problems.
There are two key factors in Boncare which provide superior advantages:

Immune Factors: Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD) are also known as antibodies, are a group of specialised bio-active proteins, and it has the function of preventing and treating allergy, microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and yeast). There are five classes of immunoglobulin that are recognised in mammals: IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE, IgD. The most prevalent class of immunoglobulin is IgG. It provides the protective antibodies to against diseases. IgG is the only type of antibody that can cross the placenta to provide immunity to the fetus.

Bovine colostrum contains 4-7 times higher percentage of IgG compared to the human colostrum. 

It is able to boost our body’s immune system by activating the following functions:
- Kill the microorganisms that invade our bodies.
- Mechanism which prevent inflammation
- Prevention of bacteria and virus from invading body cells (through binding with viral antigens so that they can’t damage the body’s cells).

Growth Factors (IGF, EGF, TGF, FGF, NGF, PDGF, etc.)
-Help in the growth of cell to stimulate DNA synthesis, this is crucial for the existence of every cell in the body.
- Stimulate the body's normal growth rate (nervous system, body cells, skin cells, metabolism, hormone secretion, and 
  digestive system).
- Control blood sugar level.
- Help in repairing and renewal of cells (DNA and RNA).
- Encourage the renewal of bone cells and cartilage, wound healing, and renew perfection of the intestines.
- Boost stamina and energy.
- Slow the aging process.


马六甲 Patimah,70岁:我已经70岁了,经历皮肤敏感和脚跟疼痛问题。自从我喝了多达8包的 BoneCare 之后,我的脚跟不再疼痛和干裂。我的皮肤不再痒了,皮肤也比以前光亮。我也食用 Beaute Max 白咖啡。
芙蓉 Masita,33岁:我的孩子自两岁开始就经历皮肤敏感问题和严重的过敏症。不能进食和服用任何的药物,自从只喝了3包的 BoneCare 之后,就看见了差别。我孩子的皮肤不再发红和瘙痒。我和我其他的孩子也食用了 BoneCare。我们的消化系统每天都在退化。




关 节 受 损





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在人体内有多达5亿种类的蛋白质,蛋白质占人体的30%-40%,换例说,即一个70kg重的人,其体内约有4kg重的蛋白质。在欧洲,有80%的女性口服胶原蛋白。洁雅(好莱坞首席美容师)证实:“好莱坞明星们容颜不老的秘方其实就是服用胶原蛋白。” 美國加州大学药学博士郑慧文指出:人体皮肤70%由胶原蛋白组成,因此为了保持肌肤润泽和弹性,胶原蛋白是非常重要的。20岁的女性开始流失胶原蛋白,到了40岁,他们皮肤内的胶原蛋白含量比20岁时减少了一半。世界胶原蛋白之父布兰特(J•Brandt)博士在他的会谈内说过:“皮肤的老化过程就是体内流失胶原蛋白的过程。”

所含的胶原蛋白百分比(%) 年龄
100 0
80 20
60 40
40 60
20 80















初乳 – 生命的第一食品:


在 Boncare 里有两大因素能够给予最佳效用:






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