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Cameras-Now and Then
Camera was derived from a Latin name, camera obscura. Camera is an instrument used to store and capture images in the forms of pictures or recording a series of images in the form of videos. From the invention of the black and white cameras until today, we have seen that technology have brought about the functionalities of the cameras. You can now even snap a picture with instant camera or better known as the Polaroid camera and have it developed within minutes. Camera is undeniable one of the gadget everyone needs to capture all memorable moments with your friends and family.

Choose Your Cameras
Over the years, many types of cameras have found its way into the market. There are advanced camera to cater to the need of professional photography and there are also simple cameras for beginners. There are many types of cameras on Logon such as the DSLR cameras, compact cameras, network cameras, camcorder instant cameras, mirrorless camera, sports cameras and more. Accessories like camera bags and cases, films, batteries and chargers, flash and lightings, lenses, straps and tripods are also available to complete your photo shooting needs.

Trustworthy Brands
We ensure you get high quality cameras and accessories from these big brands: Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, GoPro and more! At Logon, we make sure you always
get the latest and best cameras in Malaysia at affordable price, giving more discounts and offers.