C3 Triple Care Olive Mask Series


C3 Triple Care Olive Mask Series allows you to experience Moisturizing, Whitening, and Anti Wrinkle in just a simple step!



C3 Triple Care Olive Mask Series, mainly used Natural Olea Europaea (Olive)Oil Unsaponifiables certified by France ECOCERT as one of our ingredient.  It is rich in vegetable Squalene (C30H50) element. It can help to activate skin cells, repair damage skin, prevent surface skin of water loss and make your skin texture maintain natural soft sheen.

橄欖三重奏面膜系列產品,主要採用法國ECOCERT歐盟認證的天然橄欖萃取物 Natural Olea Europaea (Olive)Oil Unsaponifiables原料製成。主要含有豐富的植物性角鯊烯元素Squalene (C30H50),可活化皮膚細胞、修復受損膚質,預防皮膚表面水份流失,以及能使肌膚保持自然柔嫩光澤。


Activate your 12 days C3 Program.


Each C3 Triple Care Olive Mask Series contains of excellent water retention performance ingredient such as Lipidure(Polyquaternium-51)、Sodium Hyaluronate,Trehalose and others healthy ingredients。To ensure you skin more supple and smooth.


每一片橄欖三重奏面膜也具有絕佳的保水性能的保濕因子 Lipidure(Polyquaternium-51)、玻尿酸Sodium Hyaluronate,以及海藻糖 Trehalose等健康成份。讓肌膚更水嫩、讓膚質更平滑。

ECOCERT is an organic certification organization, founded in France in 1991. It is based in Europe but conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world.





C3 Triple Care Olive Mask (One Box) included:

橄欖三重奏面膜系列三部曲包括 :

2x Moisturizing Mask / 保濕面膜 2x Whitening Mask / 美白面膜 2x Anti-Wrinkle / 抗皺面膜
It has added a wealth of Sodium PCA natural moisture factor to make your skin more comfortable.

It contains healthy ingredients such as ACTIWHITE™ LS 9808 (Sucrose Dilaurate) /Polysorbate 20/Pisum Sativum, (Pea) Extract. With all the above, it can reduce melanin, effectively Blemish, make skin whiter and glossier.


Rich with Acetyl tetrapeptide-9, Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate nourish ingredients. It helps our skin to form dense collagen, firmer and in a same time to reduce wrinkle.
其添加了豐富的Sodium PCA 鈉天然保濕因子,讓肌膚更加舒適。 含有ACTIWHITE™ LS 9808(Sucrose Dilaurate         (二月桂酸蔗糖酯) /Polysorbate 20/Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract(豌豆萃取))健康成份。能降低黑色素生成,有效淡斑,使膚色更白皙和具有光澤。 富有抗皺四胜肽Acetyl tetrapeptide-9 與二胜肽Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate 滋養成份,可讓肌膚形成密實的膠原蛋白改善皮膚的緊實度,同時具有緊緻肌膚與抗皺的功效。


Natural Olea Europaea (Olive)Oil Unsaponifiables certified by France ECOCERT :

Product Origins / 產品原產地 :  Taiwan / 台灣


*Suitable for all skin type*


- Stop using if skin irritation appears. Store in cool, dry place

- 若有過敏膚質,使用後有不適感立即停止使用。




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