NUMIT Clean and Dried Bird Nest Clean & Dried Bird Nest “Rain Town Mi Zhan” We provided 3A, 4A, and 5A Clean and Dried Bird Nest Mi Zhan in a gift box. NO Chemical added, 100 pure cleaning by water. Now, we are committed to provide the most natural, untained NUMIT bird nest to our customers as our mission. Thus, it is our promise that all our bird nests are without bleaching, preservatives and colouring. We provided Raw Bird Nest, Frozen Wet Bird Nest, Bird Nest Drink, Crystal Bird Nest and Clean & Dry Bird Nest (Mi Zhan & Shu Zhan). The major therapeutic effects of bird’s nest supplementing Qi, aiding digestion, nourishing lungs, increasing appetite, stopping cough, improving fertility, reinforcing bone-marrow, strengthening virility, curing phrenic sputum and alleviating asthma. The Traditional Approach * Enhances the rebirth of cells and tissues (epidermal growth factor) * Improves the immune system, digestive system and spleen * Improves appetite * Clears phlegm and builds system resistance against flu, asthma and cough * Strengthens lungs and kidneys * Boasts blood circulation * Promotes youthful smooth complexion and healthier skin tone


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