NUMIT Crystal Bird Nest 4 pcs with Octagonal BoxGreat for health, beauty, fitness and well beingNUMIT cleaned and dried bird nest (Crystal Bird Nest) comes with gift box which is the ideal gift for your parents, friends, or your love one.  Good quality bird nest which is all handmade and 100 pure. Crystal Bird Nest easily fragile as it is made by 100 real bird nest.. Try it, you will taste the different 99.9 Clean!!  p class= MsoNormal style= margin-bottom 11.25pt inter-ideograph mso-fareast-font-family " mso-bidi-font-family " p class= MsoNormal style= text-align justify line-height 12.4pt span style= font-size 12.0pt mso-fareast-font-family " mso-bidi-font-family " beauty, fitness and  of modern society. Thus, we have the common saying of “Health is Wealth”. We have ceaselessly sought various means to prolong our lives and to preserve our  Calibri mso-bidi-font-family " p class= MsoNormal style= text-align justify line-height 12.4pt The best way to consume bird’s nest is by eating small portions on a regular basis, such as eating in the morning and evening daily, or taking it every alternate day. It is best to be taken on an empty stomach. In addition, bird’s nest consumption emphasizes on alignment of food types, meaning food of similar characteristics is to be taken together. Spicy, heaty, oily andacidic food should be avoided when consuming bird’s nest. Refrain from tea because it contains L-Theanine which will destroy the nutrients of the bird’s nest.


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