DERma(皮肤),MEDical(治疗), EXpress(快速)

DERMEDEX (Derma,Medical,Express in short) as its name suggests, carries with it, products that are characterized by its quick, effective yet safe, result-oriented nature.

Amazing Fusion of Eastern & Wesern Elements

速疗系列 BIOTOX LINE 是被纳入dermedex产品之最新系列。它针对各类性质的皮肤问题, 提供快速有效的护理,疗效神奇,甚至马上见到佳绩,好比一种无药、无刀、无针的天然治疗,疗程因问题的程度而异,从一周到数周不等。
有异于一般快效产品,Biotox 速疗系列不含任何果酸或其他有害肌肤的化学物质。它性质柔 、无副作用,长期每天使用也不需担心有副作用。
Biotox 速疗系列产品类型繁多,可治疗、舒缓、调整及改善不同类型的肌肤问题。长期正确使用 ,各类肌肤问题将可受到良好调控、恢复健康、清结白皙、柔嫩光滑,有如抹上一层保护膜帮助抵御空气中侵害肌肤的物质。产品的有效功能造就了不少令人鼓舞的速疗实例。

Biotox Line of skin care is the latest addition to the dermedex family. The visible, incredible and long-lasting results can be compared to that achieved by surgery but without the drug, the knife and the needle. Treatment results may vary from individual to individual over a span of a few weeks.
Unlike many quick and effective products that use AHA, BHA, Retino A, fruit acids, TCA, chemical peels, etc. (that may give good results within a short time span but abrasive and causes the skin to be susceptible to UV damages), Biotox, though giving unbelievably quick and good results, is mild enough to be used daily and continuously.
Biotox has various classifications of products developed for treating, soothing, rectifying and improving different skin problems and types. With frequent and correct use, one can achieve radiant, supple, fair and baby-soft skin without delayed side effects. And a layer of protection will be established over the surface of the skin to shield it from the harmful particles in the air. A true Elixir of the skin with many reported cases of instant visible results.

Product Details



- Biotox Cleanser 清肤防痕洗面乳 - 10g
- Biotox Refining Cream 清肤防痕霜 - 5g

包装重量/Weight with Packing:50g


Achieve clearer and acne free skin withing 3 days with our Refining Cream Challenge Pack. 

Experience it yourself today !

- 适合用于各种皮肤性质 Suit for all kind of skin
1)For Normal-Combined-Dry 中性-混合-干性

清水弄湿脸颊,涂上cleanser,在脸颊停留3-5分钟. 过后清洗干
净, 才把refining cream均匀的涂上全脸. 

2)For Oily/Open Pores 油性/毛孔粗大
清水弄湿脸颊,涂上cleanser,在脸颊停留5-10分钟. 过后清洗干净, 才把refining cream均匀的涂上全脸.

3)For Problem skin(Acne) 问题皮肤(粉刺/暗疮)
一样的步骤,可是cleanser停留的时间比较长些,需要15-20分钟。过后清洗干净, 才把refining cream均匀的涂上全脸.

(在涂上Biotox cleanser时,皮肤会感觉到冰凉,清爽,过后再涂上Biotox Refining Cream,微微会散发一阵中药香。如果脸上有粉刺或暗疮就会感觉到微微刺痛,这是因为refining cream正在发挥它的功效,效果明显可见!)

Bio'tox Cleanser

Using active ingredients, BIO'TOX CLEANSER helps to unclog pores while moisturizing your skin. This deep cleansing blend is a necessity to any skin care regime and regular use will help achieve a brighter and clearer complexion. It can dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing while restoring the supple, glowing properties of a healthy skin.

Refining Cream 2

New and improved formula, our Refining Cream 2 is quick and effective for problem prone skin, such as those with pimples, big open pores and dull appearance. Regular use will encourage your skin's natural defenses to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation while restoring your youthful radiant in your first application. You may even see results in your first application, when use together with Bio'tox Cleanser. 


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