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Scientific name: Labisia Pumila Benth 
Common name: Kacip Fatimah 
Family: Myrsinnaceae 
Kacip Fatimah is a traditional herb found widespread in forest of Malaysia at altitude of 350 meters above sea level. Kacip Fatimah is effective on regulate female hormonal system. Female hormone plays an important role in maintaining women’s vitality and health. Generally Kacip Fatimah is traditionally boiled and the water extraction is taken as a drink to treat dysentery, dysmenorrhea, flatulence and gonorrhea. Kacip Fatimah has been traditionally used by the Malay women for many generations to regain body strength, beauty and longevity. 
The claimed uses of Kacip Fatimah include:   
* Helps established a regular menstrual cycle when periods fail to appear for reasons like stress, illness or when the pill is discontinued  
    * Prevents cramping, water retention and irritability for those with painful periods.  
    * Balances, builds and harmonizes the female reproductive system to encourage healthy conception  
    * Supports healthy vaginal flora to prevent irritation and infections.  
    * Alleviates fatigue, smooths menopausal symptoms and promote emotional well being.  
    * Prolong energy during Playtime.  
    * Helps to solve the problems related to constipation  
    * Tightens vaginal skin and walls.  
    * Anti-dysmenorrhoea; cleansing and avoiding painful or difficult menstruation  
    * Anti-flatulence, drive away and prevent the formation of gas.  
    * Firming and toning of abdominal muscles. 
Malay women who have consume Kacip Fatimah for long time shows a good body shape with smooth and delicate skin as well as bright eyes. Meanwhile it can also help tighten and lubricate, enhance sexual function and increase chances of getting pregnant. Kacip Fatimah is rich in phytoestrogen and isoflavones, which may ease menopausal symptoms.  

Drinking Biolina kacip fatimah have beautiful body measurements, smoothskin and delicate, eyes shining, the women full of flavor. It can also make the skin soft, exquisite figure, adjust and improve menstrual pain during menstruation to reduce vaginal discharge address physical worries, coordination of married life, improve the chances of conceiving.


  • 美容养颜,丰胸塑形
  • 抗衰老,平衡荷尔蒙
  • 提高性欲,提升受孕
  • 改善失眠,提高记忆
  • 保护心脏,强健骨骼
  • 克服产后抑郁
  • 缓解更年期,改善痛经 



Product Details


Packing form:

30 Sachets x 2g


30 包 x 0毫克


Hyaluronic acid, L-glutathione, marine collagen peptide, skim colostrum powder, natural vanilla powder.


透明质酸 L-谷胱甘肽,海洋胶原脱脂牛初乳 天然香草

Recommended Dosage:

1 - 2 sachet per day.


每天服用1 - 2包。

Direction of use:

Mix 1 sachet with 200ml of lukewarm water (40°C) or cold water.


 200 毫升温水 (40 ° C) 冷水混合 1 

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