-    Complete nutrition
-    Regulates immune system
-    Anti-fatigue
-    Promote cardiovascular health
-    Aid in glucose metabolism
-    Prevention of anemia


Complete nutrition 
Spirulina is completed with vitamins and minerals as well as good source of protein. It can complement with your daily diet intake to ensure that you obtain all types of nutrients.  

Regulates immune system 
Spirulina contains potent nutrients known as polysaccharides which are widely regarded to be a powerful immune system booster. Besides that, colostrum which is rich in antibodies that also plays a role in immune system.  

Spirulina helps to reduce fatigue by producing antioxidants which reduces contraction of muscles.  

Promote cardiovascular health 
There are clinical studies show that spirulina able to reduce bad cholesterol level in the body by stimulate the excretion of cholesterol. Decrease in bad cholesterol helps to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases, such as hardening of the arteries and strokes.  

Aid in glucose metabolism 
Phycocyanin is the blue colour pigment of spirulina. Clinical studies show that the antidiabetic effect of phycocyanin is more likely due to its ability to enhance insulin sensitivity.  

Prevention of anemia 
Spirulina contains 45 times more iron than spinach. It is essential for the formation of red blood cells. Iron deficiency can be overcome by the regular intake of Spirulina. 


-    全面的营养
-    调节免疫系统
-    抗疲劳
-    促进心血管健康
-    有助于糖的代谢
-    抗贫血




螺旋藻含有一种被广泛称为强大的免疫系统助推器 - 多糖体。除此之外,初乳中丰富的抗体业在免疫系统中扮演着重要的角色。  




螺旋藻的蓝色色素是来自 phycocyanin。临床研究显示它抗糖尿病的功效可能是原至于其对增强胰岛素敏感性的能力。

螺旋藻含有的铁质是菠菜的 45 倍。在造血的过程中需要铁质。经常摄入螺旋藻可免除缺铁质的烦恼。  


Product Details

Traditionally used as food supplement. 
Digunakan sebagai makanan tambahan secara tradisional

Dosage/Dos yang disyorkan: 

16 tablets daily. You may take it by dividing daily dosage into 2 times. Take it with warm water, best before meal.
16 tablet setiap hari. Anda boleh mengambil dengan membahagikan dos harian ke 2 kali. Ambil dengan air suam, baik sebelum makan.


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