BioBat Gym-Cumin Plus Capsule

Helps to repair  and regenerate the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.  
Delay intestinal glucose absorption.
Lower down blood sugar level and stimulate insulin production.
Increase sensitivity of insulin.    

- Drug free.
- Non side effect even overdose, such as 
  diarrhea, vomitting and dizziness.
- Toxin free.
- Non allergic.
- No side effect for other organ such as kidney or heart.

Gymnema Extract
- Regulate the blood sugar levels by increasing the enzyme activities. 
- Increase activities of the enzymes affording the utilisation of glucose by insulin dependent pathways.

 Bitter Melon Extract
- Contain Charantin.
- Reduces high blood glucose levels and purifies blood.

 Cinnamon Extract
- Helps to control blood sugar.
- Candida yeast infection, flu, arthritis/osteoporosis and irritable bowel syndrome.
- Anti bacterial/anti-microbial, helps to reduce weight, mood enhancer and anti virus. 
- Increase insulin sensitivity.
Curcumin 95%

- Main active ingredient in turmeric.
- Anti-inflammatory effects and strong antioxidant.
- Boosts brain derived neurotrophic factor.
- Helps prevent cancer and A  lzheimer’s disease. 
- Improve pancreatic beta cell function.
   (beta cells release insulin to control blood glucose levels) 
- Decrease levels of insulin resistance.Curcumin 95%

Suitable for
- Diabetic patient.
- Family history of diabetes.
- Obesity.
- People with unhealthy dietary lifestyle.
- Physical inactivity.
- Aging population especially after 45.


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