What is Phycocyanin?
Phycocyanin is extracted from a 3.6 billion years old known microalgae. Natural, water soluble and non-toxic molecules with Protent Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory properties. Is an innovative revolution not only to address the unique health care needs of newly diagonosed cancer patients and patients already undergoing cancer treatment (e.g chemotherapies, radiotherapies etc) but is also a cancer  preventive measure for those who believes prevention is better than cure.

Why Phycocyanin?
It contains phycocyanin, a natural dietary supplement dedicated to assist individuals who undergoing cancer therapies. Side effects for cancer patients have an adverse impact on their health and immunity, this make difficulty for them to continue with strong medical therapies. Phycocyanin may used to prepare for and ease negative symptoms during treatment as well as help the body revive and rejuvenate post treatment.

Regular consumption of Phycocyanin provides protection and vitality to the body immune system. It is essential people with dissipated lifestyle, dietary, physical and mental mismanagement, drug admistration intoxications and etc. It easy digestibility and water solubility, with strong anti-oxidant properties enable it to detoxify and rejuvenates the overall health profile without any risk or toxicity.


Product Details


Anti-oxidant -Scavenge free radical in cells
-Interfere inclammation, aetherosclerosis, cancer and reperfusion injury
-Protect cells from damage
-Prevent / lessen the severity of disease

Hepato-Protective -Inhibits liver microsomal lipid peroxidation
-Inhibits liver microsmal lipid peroxidation
-Reduces carbon tetrachloride (CC14) - induced lipid peroxidation

Detoxification -Increase expression of enzyme and biochemical related to balanced functions of liver and kidney
-Modulate activities of Cyt p-450, Seperoxide Dismutase, Catalases, Alanine Transaminases, Aspartate Transaminases

Anti-inflammatory -Scavenge free radicals, including alkoxyl, hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals
-Suppresses inducible nitric oxide synthase (INOS) expression
-Inhibits liver microsomal lipid peroxidation
-Inhibits proinflammatory cytokine formation, such as TNFα
-Suppresses cycloxxygeanase-2 (COX-2) expression
-Decrease prostaglandin E(2) production
-Reduce myeloperoxidase production
-Inhibition of Plateles aggregation
-Suppress the activation of nuclear factor-κB (NF- κB) via preventing degradation of cytosolic lκB-α

(i) Rejuvenate Cells & Bone Marrow Rejuvenate damaged cells
     Rejuvenate damaged cells
- Improves blood flow and reduces "stickness" and "stacking"
     - Rehabilitates bone marrow damaged by radiation, to produce healthy blood dcells again

  • Phycocyanin as a possible treatment for neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. (Rimbau V, et al, Unitat de Farmacologia Frmacognosia , Facultat de Farmacia, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, December, 1999)
  • Phycocyanin helps to regulate and increase the bone marrow 's blood cells production. (Second Asia-Pacific Conf. Ibid, April, 1994)
  • Phycocyanin may regulate production of blood cells by bone marrow, even after radiation or medication. (Zhang C., ey al, 1994 Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Alga Biotechnolody, April 25-27, p.58.)

(ii) Strengthens The Immune System
Enhance production of antibiodies and interluekin- 1 to fight infections
- Inhibits cancer cells growth & spread in the body
  • Phycocyanin rejuvenates activityy of white blood cells and lymphocytes. (US patent pending, ref. P115 - 276 - A82679, App. 15 Sep 1982)
  • Phycocyanin able to enhance macrophage functions. (M.Qureshi, et al. 1995, Pub. in Jour. Nutritional Immunology, No. 3 (4) 35 - 45. USA.)

(iii) Super Antioxidant & Anti Free-Radical
       Phycocyanin is a powerful anti-oxidant & anti-hydroxyl radical

       (The most dangerous & toxic free radicals produced during chemotherapy, when exposed to hand phone radiation, deep fried foods)

     -Protect cells against DNA damage
  • Phycocyanin provides protection against oxidative damage to DNA. (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2001.286:1:262 - 266)
  • Phycocyanin provides protection against oxidative damage to DNA. (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2001.286:1:262 - 266)

(iv) Powerful Detoxifier And Liver Protector
       It has powerful anti-inflammotory properties
- It has strong chelating power - to leach out heavy metals (mercury and lead) and toxins
       - It protects and improves liver function
  • Phycocyanin displays significant anti-inflammatory activity by reducing myeloperoxidase MPO (cell inflammation) activity. (Romay C, et al, Depto. Farmacologia, Centro Nac. Invest. Cientificas, CNIC, Habana, Cuba 1998 Aug; 47(8):334-8)
  • Phycocyanin has hepatoprotective (liver protective) effect. (J Agric Food Chem. 2005 May 18;53(10):4207-12)
  • Phycocyanin helps to reduce oxidative stress of liver. (Centro de Investigacoines del Ozono, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Ciontificans, Ciudad la Habana, Cuba)

(v) Tackles the "Root Cause" of Disease
      With healthy blood cell:
- Nutrient and oxygen received faster by cell
Effective disposal of wastes and toxins
      - Stronger immune systems
      - Protected against DNA damages and mutation
      - Increase production of new generation of health cells


Phycocyanin, a product of France. Is a Natural Dietary Supplement extracted from a 3.6 billion years old known microalgae. It is not only natural but also water soluble and non-toxic molecule with potent and proven Health Properties.
Phycocyanin also support strong cytoprotective, hepatoprotective and neuroprotective profile of Phycocyanin and regular consumption will result in tremendous health & wellness.

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