BioBat 3Way Capsule

Tired of trying out so many ways but still no results?
Enhance Thermogenesis
Increase metabolism
 Set Your Own Target ,Choose The Weight You Want To Be And Achieve It Start From Today.        
favourite food.

Increase metabolism
FABENOL MAX EXTRACT help to reduce the absorption of starchy carbohydrates, like rice, potatoes, pasta, cereals and breads. Effective in reducing abdominal fat as well as for preventing obesity.

Appetite Suppressed
The amino acids found in Nopal will help to move stored (stuck) fluid in the body back into circulation, thereby allowing you to loose “water weight” and drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Uniqueness of 3Way
Proprietary Ephedra-free Formula a patented extract of the herb Coleus for skohlii that has been clinicallys  
Complete formulation help to reduce weight
Person with BMI greater than 25
High body fat in the body
Ladies who want to lose the flabbiness and gain more lean muscles


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