EBENE Bio-Ray Ankle Guard contains Bio-Ray Energy ingredients which can emit Bio-Ray Energy that penetrates deeply into the muscle (30mm) to stimulate the circulation of oxygen and blood, thus enhancing supply of nutrients to strengthen the ankle joint and soft disc.

  • Promoting blood and oxygen circulation in ankles, heels and soles.
  • Helping to promote supply of nutrients to ankles to strengthen the bone and soft disc.
  • Providing support to ankles to prevent injuries and old injuries from resurfacing during exercise.
  • Helping to eliminate uric acid and relieve pain caused by uric acid.
  • Relieving swollen ankles and muscle aches after exercise.

Product Details

Recommended For:
  • Have joint  pain, especially the elderly 

  • Athletes and people who exercise to protect the ankles to prevent injuries and old injuries from resurfacing, and relieve foot fatigue after exercise 

  • Stand on their feet for long hours, to improve blood and oxygen circulation 

  • Travel for long hours 

Size Measurements:
  • 18.0-20.5cm

  • 20.6-21.5cm

  • L  21.6-23.0cm

  • XL 23.1-25.5cm

Determine Size:
  • Measure circumference of lower calf, 2 inches above ankle. Suitable for men and women


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