Stressful or unhealthy lifestyle, over consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, long term dependence of medication, environmental pollutions are factors that contribute to overburden liver.
Liver being the biggest internal organ in the body performing more than 500 vital functions including detoxifying the blood. Although liver tissue is unique and has the ability to regenerate, it can only withstand limited damage. Don’t stress your liver! Protecting your liver is vital to good health.
• Possesses antioxidant properties for liver protection
• Contains 500mg milk thistle extract which standardized to 80% silybin
• Silybin is the most active constituent in silymarin1
• Suitable for vegetarian
• Once-a-day dosage

This supplement is not a substitute for the avoidance of noxious agent causing liver damage (e.g. Alcohol) 

1. Khan S.A., Ahmad B and Alam T (2006). Synthesis and Antihepatotoxic of Some New Chalcones Containing 1,4-dioxane Ring System. Pak. J. Pham. Sci., 19(4):290-294

Adult: One tablet daily with food or as recommended by your pharmacist. 
Contra-Indications/ Caution

None known 
Suitable for vegetarians. 

  • Bio-Life Livasil 100S consists of all natural ingredient that will boost your health especially for those who lives in a modern lifestyle.
  • Reputable Raw Material Suppliers
  • BiO-LiFE sets a purchasing policy whereby only reputable raw materials which are clinically studied and proven are used in our products.
  • Stringent Testing Protocols
  • BiO-LiFE maintains an in-house chemical laboratory to support product quality,stability and research activities.


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