Bingo Games with Zinger


- Scramble the 72 Bingo Tiles and load them into the Bingo Zinger in 2 equal stacks. Be sure all images are face up and the written word or bottom of the picture is facing forward.
- Decides which player will be the first Dealer - we suggest an adult or older child. With two players, the Dealer plays. With groups of three&# 2or more, the Dealers does not play.
- Each player selects a BINGO Card. The BINGO Cards are two sided-make sure that all cards have the same colour border turned up.

Easier Yellow Side: Yellow cards have less pictures in common, so it is less competitive
Hard Red Side: Red Cards share more picture. so you must act faster to claim the tiles
- Make sure that all players are positioned so they have a clear view of the BINGO Zinger before play begins.

To Play:
- Load the 72 Bingo Tiles to the Bingo Zinger
- Push the Top Forward, 2 Bingo Tiles will come out
- Pull the Top Back
- Bingo Tile are revealed

- The Dealer Slides the Bingo Zinger Forward and Back to reveal 2 tiles at a time. When a player sees a tile that matches a picture on his or her BINGO Card. the player call ut the name of the object, take the tile and place it on the card over the printed image. The Dealer puts any unclaimed tiles in the discard pile.

- If two or more players each need the same tile, it goes to the player who call for it first. Decisions about who called first are made by the Dealer. If the Dealer decides that there was a tie between two or mare players, the Dealer place the picture tile back in the Bingo Zinger.
- #32Dealer decides! If a player call for a tile that he doesn't need the Dealer give him a warning. If a player receives three tile, etc. The penalized player decides which tile to remove.
- First player to get a "Blackout" by covering all the spaces on the cards with matching tiles, shouts "BINGO!!!" and wins
- Winner becomes the NEW Dealer.

Games Variations
- Mini BINGO
- The first player to get Three(3) pictu e tiles in a row-straight across, up and down or diagonally is the WINNER !!!

- Zany BINGO - Select a pattern to match like a square. X, cross or four corners. The first player to match the pattern is the WINNER !!!

- Multi-Card BINGO - In this version, players use 2 or ore cards per round. WINNER is the first to fill one of his or her cards.

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