蜂子(蜂蛹)  Bee Pupa   Lebah Pupa  Code:52

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-高蛋白,美容养颜,调和荷尔蒙,消除面上斑纹,壮腰补肾,增进性欲,停止脱发,改善手脚冰冷,听力, 重听与偏头痛问题。

-It can improves total mental function such as migraine problem & headache, enhance  performance, increases & assists in the positive Chi energy effect & strengthens the immune system.

-It helps in reducing menstrualpain & irregularities & menopausal symptoms. -Improvement of the grey hair, balding, fallen hair, more beautiful skin & Hypertension.

Melegakan migraine & sakit kepala, melambatkan proses penuaan, menghalang penyakit jantung & paru-paru, menguatkan dinding rahim, membantu penjagaan rambut mengelakkan keguguran rambut, melicinkan kulit, menghalang masalah buang air kecil & hypertension. 

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蜂子(蜂蛹)  Bee Pupa   Lebah Pupa 

Generally, bee larva is the child of various bee kinds, or more precisely, the male larvae and shortly prior to hatching. In china, people have long eaten bee larvae. Also, in particular areas of Japan (Nagano, Gifu and Yamanashi Prefectures), people locate the honeycomb by an original method and dig it from underground to find bee larvae as a source of food, from the ground wasp (or black hornet).

The principal element of bee larva is amino acid
Medicinal Effect of Bee Larva
Professor Ri Junsei of Beijing Medical University, Chinese and Western Medical Science Research Laboratory used bee larva powder to show the following effects: 
- Maintain and improves total mental function.
- Increases and assists in the positive Chi energy effect.
- Strengthens the Immune system. 

bee-pupa-1.jpgThere are also other reported cases of the following additional effects:- Improvement of grey hair, balding and fallen hair, and more beautiful skin.
-    Tinnitus, hearing disability and dizziness are improved.
-    Frequency of nocturnal urination is reduced and as a result enhanced sleep.
-    Improvement in lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.
-    Menstrual pain and irregularities and menopausal symptoms improved.
-    Overcoming fatigue and avoiding colds and influenza.


- 保持并提高总的精神功能。
- 增加并在积极驰能效助攻。
- 增强免疫系统。
蜜蜂蛹1.JPG也有下面的附加影响其他报告的病例: - 白发,秃顶,掉毛,更美丽的肌肤的改进。
- 耳鸣,听力残疾和头晕得到改善。
- 夜间排尿的频率被减小,结果增强的睡眠。
- 改进的生活方式疾病,如高血压,糖尿病和心脏疾病。
- 月经疼痛和违规和更年期症状的改善。
- 克服疲劳,避免感冒和流行性感冒。

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