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Scentio Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam 100ml.
Beauty Buffet Q10 milk whitening cleanser 100 ml. of this milk whitening foam cleanser
Removes the aging epidermis cell, clean pore, remove melanin, and facial impurities and makeup.
Contain rich hydrolyzed milk protein essence, gentle clean the skin, moisture whiten skin,
Remove the face is dark yellow, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles.

Main efficacy: 

Whitening, anti-aging, tender skin, moisturize enzyme Q10 and hydrolyzed milk protein with mild formula 
and a mixture of aloe Vera extract, nourish the skin smooth, bright luster, remove the face is dark 
yellow, anti-aging.
Aloe Vera extract is absorbed into the skin to restore the skin deep moisture, antioxidant
Vitamin E can help reduce premature aging.
Glycerin helps balance water embellish skin not dry.
Milk essence and Q10, gentle clean the skin, moisture whitening, aloe essence deep penetrate 
Skin, replenish moisture, vitamin E anti-oxidation function, reduce wrinkles appear too soon.
milk essence, herbal extract, pancreatic protein, enzyme, protein and natural fruit beta Hydroxyl acid combination.
Brand: Scentio (by Beauty Buffet) 
Product type: Facial foam 
Size: Net content 100 ml
Variant: Milk plus Whitening Q10 
Origin of Product: Thailand

How to use: 
Wet your face, foam the cleanser, apply to face with gentle massage, and then rinse off. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.


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