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美白、抗衰老、嫩肤、&a lig;»‹æ¶¦

  • Beauty Buffet SCENTIO Milk Plus Whitening with Co-enzyme Q10 Body Lotion (400ml)For All & 83kin Type.
  • Whitening body lotion is full of readily absorbed bioactive milk protein extract and Co-Enzyme Q10, a naturally-occurring skin revitalizer. White milk protein extract conditions and lightens your skin tone, the key component, Co-Enzyme Q10, helps defend against skin aging, provides energy, and protects skin c lls from damage caused by environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight. Co-Enzyme Q10 prevents the free radical that is 50 times more powerful than vitamin E. After a short time of use, skin becomes brighter, more even, softer, and more refined.

    蕴含丰富的牛奶蛋白,丰富维他命A&ari 0g;’ŒE及Q10等滋润营养成分,美白滋润皮肤的同时,补充肌è‚&c 7rren;所需水分,保持肌肤动态水å⊃1;⊃3;衡,使肌肤恢复如丝般&cce 0il;š„柔嫩润滑,持续使用更令肌肤白皙细嫩、柔滑亮丽ã&& 35128;‚


  • 使用æ–⊃1;æ⊃3;•ï¼š

    • 取适量涂æŠ⊃1& 59全身,浴后使用更ä½⊃3;。
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