Product Description:

Skin whitening bath cream with milk formula, co-enzyme (Q10) and pure milk extract (Hydorlyzed Milk Extract) helps to clean skin gently. It whitens and nourishes the skin healthily. It also contains extracts of Aloe Vera Extract to penetrate deeply into the skin and restores moisture to skin&# 6 Even after use, your skin is fully taken care off. Turn your shower or bath into a skin-enhancing beauty treatment.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth skin and natural radiance. Scentio Whitening Milk Bath Cream is rich in Co-Q10, known for its skin revitalizing properties.Together with Super Vitamin E, it also forms a powerful antioxidant complex to protect against the damagin effects of free radicals. Milk Extracts keeps your skin nourished, and leaves skin fine, brighter, and even-toned. 

How to use :

  1. Pour desired amount on palms or mesh sponge.
  2. Gently lather over body
  3. Rinse off.


Beauty Buffet Ç;‰›å¥¶Q10æ⊃2;æµ´ä⊃1;⊃3;

Ç;¾ŽÇ&# 9™½ 保æ⊃1;¿ 嫩肤

采Ç;”¨Ç;º¯å¤©Ç;„¶æ¤Ç;‰©æ€§æ´—净成分和Ç;‰›å¥¶Ç;⊃2;¾åŽï¼ŒÈ& 59ƒ½å½»åº•æ´—净脏Ç;‰©ï¼ŒÇ;¾ŽÇ;™½è‚Œè‚¤ã€‚

其中还蕴涵多Ç;§è¥å…»æˆ&ar #105ng;ˆ†ï¼ŒåŒé‡ä¿®æŠ¤æ•ˆæžœï¼Œæ¸©å’Œæ»‹æ¶¦å…¨èº«ã€‚

Ç;º¯å¤©Ç;„¶æ¤Ç;‰©æ€§æ´—å #135;€æˆåˆ†ï¼Œè®©ä½ Ç;š®è‚¤é€å‡ºä¸Ç;»¸èˆ¬Ç;š„å…‰æ⊃3;½ï¼100%不含Ç;¢±æ€§ï¼Œæœ€é€‚&# 8aring;ˆäººä½“肌肤。

蕴含LIPIDS(肌肤天Ç;„¶ä¿æ⊃1;¿æˆä»½ï¼‰ï¼ŒÇ;‹¬å«1/4ä⊃1;⊃3;é&# 36;œæˆä»½ï¼ŒPH值=7,Ç;»™è‚Œè‚¤åŒé‡å‘µæŠ¤ã€‚

呈Ç;Ž°Ç;»†è…»é€æ˜Žè´¨æ„Ÿï¼›æœ ‰æ•ˆé˜⊃2;止水份流失同时增加肌肤所需营养,使肌肤柔软&a #101lig;œ‰å¼⊃1;性。


本品富含Ç;¾ŽÇ;™½Ç;š®è‚¤ï¼ŒÇ;‰›å¥¶é…æ–⊃1;å’ŒCo-enzyme Q10ï¼ŒåŠ å… yen;丰富Ç;º¯Ç;‰›å¥¶Ç;⊃2;¾åŽã€‚

有效Ç;»“净肌肤同时Ç;¾ŽÇ;™½ï¼ŒÇ;‰›å¥¶Ç;⊃2;¾åŽ&ael&# 05g;·±å…¥Ç;š®è‚¤åº•å±‚,从内到外补充水分。

Ç;»´ä»–命C同E有助于å&#&# 935;å°‘Ç;š±Ç;º⊃1;,使Ç;š®è‚¤å…‰æ»‘自Ç;„¶ã€‚

1. 抑制黑è‰⊃2;Ç;´ ä»Žé»‘è‰⊃2;Ç;»†èƒž&arin 3;‘蛋Ç;™½Ç;»†èƒžÇ;š„转Ç;§»ï¼Œå‡å°‘过度è‰⊃2;Ç;´ Ç;š„æ⊃2;‰Ç;§¯ã€‚

不同于以å&f ac34;€Ç;š„Ç;¾ŽÇ;™½åªæ⊃3;¨é‡æŠ‘制黑è‰⊃2;Ç;´ Ç;š„产Ç;”Ÿï¼Œè€ŒÇ;»´ä»–命B3则可以作&cc 1dil;”¨äºŽå·⊃2;Ç;»äº§Ç;”ŸÇ;š„黑è‰⊃2;Ç;´ ã€‚

2. 加速肌肤新陈代谢,促进含 eacute;»‘è‰⊃2;Ç;´ Ç;š„角质Ç;»†èƒžè„±è½ã€‚

3. 促进表Ç;š®å±‚蛋Ç;™½è´¨Ç;š„合成ï&f ac14;Œå¢žåŠ è‚Œè‚¤å«æ°´åº¦ï¼Œä»Žè€Œæ”⊃1;善肌肤质地。


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