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Cucumber extract content of up to 95%, whichever is made of natural cucumber, without any added ingredients, safe, suitable for all skin types.  Effect:

1. Water 2. White  3.Pores Oil Control

5. Anti-inflammatory Stabilization 6.  Get rid of fine lines, sun repair   7. Acne India

Cucumbers known as cucumber, cucumber, which contains vitamin C, vitamin B group and trace minerals and other skin care ingredients, it can be said cucumber natural skin care products

  • Attaining a cucumber benefits: pay

Cucumber attaining one of the most obvious advantages is that replenishment. Wash the cucumber slices Rubbing his face, cucumber contains sufficient moisture to the skin to drink enough water, so that the skin moist and full of instant flexible. Sun can have cucumber slices attaining a calming effect skin

  • Benefits cucumber attaining II: White

Cucumbers except pay, which is very significant whitening effect of. Cucumber contains vitamin C, I believe we all know that vitamin C is skin whitening products saint, so stick with cucumber attaining make you white or unconsciously.

  • Benefits cucumber attaining three: Oil Control

Face the oil actually root cause is lack of water, so attaining a cucumber in water but also allows you to tend to balance oil secretion, while cold cucumber slices'll give you the feeling of freshness to cool

[How to use]

After cleansing, apply evenly to the face, gently pat. Evenly body after bathing in the hot summer months bring you very cool, store in the refrigerator, when again with better results. It is your best summer skin care products!


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