• Relief coughs and minimize manifestations of upper respiratory tract disorders.
  •  Protect against paroxysmal attacks of bronchial asthma and whooping cough.
  •  Increases body vitality and overcome daily fatigue & weakness.
  • Improves body immunity, especially during disease states and convalescence.
  • Relieves various complains such as flatulence & spastic pains

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Each capsule contains:
Nigella sativa ( El Baraka Seed Oil) 450 mg


Pharmacological Effects and Therapeutic uses:
Black seed oil benefit the relieves stomach pain and colic, and acts also as carminative. The oil is also antiseptic and is used to treat intestinal worms, especially in children.
The seeds are much used in India to increase breast milk, and used for respiratory treatment.
The seeds have immunological effects including anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory actions and anti-microbial effects

Pharmacological Effects:
1- Bronchial Asthma: Nigella possesses an anti-asthmatic action, especially for those perennial asthmatics who were almost addicted to some kind of treatment and who could give- up this after treatment with Nigellone.
- Children suffering from asthma or asthmatic bronchitis, administration of Nigellon orally the wheezing was found to disappear gradually and was completely absent after about one week of administration.
- For children with asthmatic bronchitis Nigella sativa proved to be an excellent agent in prophylaxis. Nigellone helps expectoration,
- It possesses an effective bronchodilator effect on both large and small airways, thus it improves ventilation and gas exchange

The antibacterial activity of the oil is that the whole oil inhibits the growth of many strains of gram +ve and gram -ve bacteria except some strains of pseudomonas.
The clinical use later in cases suffering form chronic otitis external or purulent maxillary sinusitis, showed that the drug was highly active in curing externa otitis and moderate cases of maxillary sinusitis.

The oil shows also excellent antifungal activity particularly against aspergillus species
BARAKA have anthelmentic activity against tape-worms and hook-worms.

Nigella Sativa is enhancing effect on the immune functions.

The natural oil in Baraka capsules is well known for its efficacy in the treatment of a wide range of disorders and improvement of general body functions.
- It has an evident antispasmodic effect and is beneficial in cases of cough, bronchial asthma and flatulence.
- It also increases bile flow and has diuretic and antibacterial effects.
Baraka capsules contain the natural pure oil of Nigella Sativa free from any additives to ensure its therapeutic value in a wide range of disorders and for increasing body vitality and natural immunity


A box containing 24 capsules.
For adult: 1-2 capsules 3 times daily Baraka 450g


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