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  • Big success in Busters! Momotaronyan is to gimmicks Plastic!
  • Plastic original! Head Pakkan ...!?
  • Nantes in there and remove the head of the parts! Peach!
  • Enhancement of face parts & seal
  • In addition to the normal face, it comes with parts and seals that can reproduce the spirit face and crying face!
  • I play with climbing!
  • If Halle seal can enjoy `` Japan variation other than!
  • Pedestal also packer down gimmick!
  • Momotaronyan ... cat monster that is born from the peach. Friendly and have been brought up to the grandfather and grandmother, but one day, went on a journey of demon slaying is suddenly Omoita~tsu.
  • Accessories: Stand, look sort face parts, sword, climbing, millet dumpling

Youkai Watch - Momotaronyan


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