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High-grade version of the kit of the new, flying design from Gundam Seed. Very much in the Gundam style yet a unique design for this the the show's main character -- that "Aile Striker" removable backpack is a cool feature. Also comes with beam rifle, beam saber and "Armor Schnieder" knife deployable from the waist.. Aile strike Gundam includes foil stickers and a 1/20 scale, unpainted figure of the hero, "Kira Yamato."These Gundam Seed kits are made by BanDai of Japan. The instructions are in Japanese but are numbered and simple to follow - no glue is required to build these Gundam Seed models which are in colour with moveable parts and accessories. Scale 1/100.


Technology and Combat CharacteristicsThe Strike is the most versatile of the five Gundams created by the Earth Alliance's G Project. Because of its bright blue, red and white color scheme, the Strike is easily the most visually distinctive of the five (with the possible exception of the bright red-colored GAT-X303 Aegis). Using its Striker Packs, the Strike can be outfitted for all-purpose combat (Aile Strike), heavy assault (Launcher Strike) or heavy melee combat (Sword Strike). Design wise, the Strike is simply an extension of the Duel's frame, allowing for a multi-role function not featured in the Duel, Buster, or Blitz. (In fact, the Strike's Striker Pack allowed it to mimic, to variable degrees, many of the abilities of the first three mobile suits).



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