[066]RX-78 GP02A (HGUC)
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Awesome HG kit of the all-powerful and intimidating Gundam GP02A as appeared in the MS Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory OVA. It's a simple snap-fit plastic kit of GP02A that comes with all of its weapons used in the OVA including the giant bazooka and a super thick shield. Included in this kit is a display stand that can hold GP02A as if it's floating in space. The display base also allows for another stand attachment where GP01 (sold separately) can be attached for a beam saber fight display with GP02A as seen in the OVA series. 

Technology & Combat Characteristics 
As described in the MG model manual and MS encyclopedia, during the postwar years the Federation received information that the Zeon remnants could have been developing mobile suits with nuclear capabilities. As a countermeasure, the Federation decided to develop a nuclear capable mobile suit of their own, and the result was the RX-78GP02A Gundam Physalis. 
While the production and development of the RX-78GP02A was a violation of the Antarctic Treaty, it's a moot point at best. The Antarctic Treaty was signed by the Principality of Zeon which was replaced by the Republic of Zeon, following the end of the One Year War, rendering the treaty itself an agreement with a now non-existent government. Delaz cited the RX-78GP02A as a violation of the Antarctic Treaty primarily to illustrate the underhanded dealings of the Earth Federation. 

Despite being one of the largest Gundams in UC history by armor volume, the GP02A is highly maneuverable. Besides the nuclear warhead, the Physalis is armed with standard head-mounted vulcan guns and two torso- mounted beam sabers, which when activated glow green instead of the normal pink. The GP02 was designed to possibly work in tandem with is sister unit, the GP01. 

It carried extensive heat and radiation shielding to protect it from nuclear blasts, as well as the standard Federation mobile suit armaments for defense. Mounted on the shoulder binders of the Physalis were a set of high power thrusters, three on each binder, which contributed to the exceptional maneuverability of the MS. 

The Physalis, however, is at a disadvantage if the nuclear bazooka were ever destroyed in battle, as it could only rely on its thick armor, large shield, and beam sabers for protection, and could be destroyed easily at long range. In the hands of a skilled pilot, the Physalis may be able to overcome these disadvantages. 


[066]RX-78 GP02A (HGUC)


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