( BS001 X 1, CBS002 X 1, BS009 X 1, PBS011 X 1 )

BS001    (200g) x 1      6 Burned Bamboo Salt  六烤竹盐

CBS002  (200g) x 1      Cooking Bamboo Salt    厨宝竹盐

BS009    (  60g) x 1       9 Burned Bamboo Salt  九烤竹盐

PBS011  (  25g) x 1      9 Burned Granular B.S.   九烤(颗粒)竹盐


Product Details

Cooking Bamboo Salt

Add in the cooking of food , not only can cook delicious food , the feature of antibacterial, bamboo salt can keep the freshness of the food , but also to neutralize toxic substances in food , pesticides , chemicals, and heavy metals.

Six Burned Organic Bamboo Salt

1 to 2 litres of drinking six burned bamboo salt a day, every day can be achieved in vivo effects of acidic and detoxification . It is the most simple and easy way to maintain our healthy life, so that the body able to maintain the slightly alkaline and non- toxic health.

Nine Burned Organic Bamboo Salt

Every morning to drink a glass with the empty stomach, can achieve clean intestinal detoxification, Liver pathogenic. If feel unwell by drinking nine burned bamboo salt, it can help the body to recover quickly.

Nine Burned Granular Bamboo Salt

Nine burned granular bamboo salt in flatulence, cough, sore throat or mouth inflammation is particularly effective, and easy to carry , you can always take the mouth with the way !





每天饮用 1 ~ 2 公升六烤竹盐水,就能达到每天中和体内酸性和排毒的作用。是最简单又容易的保健方式,让身体每天都能维持在弱碱性和无毒素的健康状态。





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