Introducing Bamboo extracts

Bamboo vinegar, or pyroligneous acid, is extracted when making charcoal and is used for hundreds of treatments in almost all fields. This liquid contains 400 different chemical compounds and can be applied for many purposes including cosmetics, insecticides, deodorants, food processing, and agriculture.







The Benefits of Bamboo Extract

  • Soften and remove dead skin. Add a small cup into bath water can result in clear and smooth skin, more supple and reduce wrinkle.






  • Help fight bacterial infection. Add 30ml to 50ml into hot bowl of water to soak feet can reduce swell and maintain healthy feet. Many claim the effectiveness of fighting skin ulcer and itchiness.

 Other uses

  • Dilute 500 times and use as deodorant and sterilizer. Spray at kitchen, rubbish bin, house pet dwelling places, and any other plce deem appropriate.
  • Spray in garden and plant nursery, improve soil and earth condition.
  • Spray to kill pests, as natural plant pesticide, can enhance your plant and vegitable growth.
  • Directly spray on infected area of feet can kill germs and bacteria can diminish inflamation, reduce ithcyness and eliminate bad odour.





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