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Introduction of Bamboo Charcoal


Bamboo charcoal is a kind of charcoal grows for more than 5 years in the high mountains,burning in the temperature nearly 1000°C


Bamboo charcoal is of hard quality , its molecular deeper-going porous, have strong adsorption ability


Bamboo charcoal is abundant with minerals, and has anion,also releases far infrared with the effects of purifying air, odorring removal, moisturing absorption mouldproof, adjusting humidity, bacteriostating insecticide ,cutting off electromagnetic radiation and ect..


It can remove the human wet absorb, promote blood circulation and metabolism,and aleviate fatigue.


Bamboo charcoal has been widely used in daily life by scientific abstraction and treatment.




9 functions of bamboo charcoal


1 adsorption


2 release far infrared ray


3 release negative ions


4 release trace elements


5 control microbial propagation


6 regulating crops growth


7 insecticide sterilization


8 antioxidant


9 Shield electrostatic and prevent electromagnetic radiation



竹 炭是以五年生以上高山毛竹为原料,经近千度高温烧制而成的一种炭。竹炭质量坚硬,其分子细密多孔,有超强的吸附能力,竹炭含有丰富的矿物质,并产生负离子 及释放远红外线,能净化空气、去除异味、吸湿防霉、调节湿度、抑菌驱虫和阻隔电磁波辐射等功效。与人体接触能去湿吸汗,促进人体血液循环和新陈代谢,缓解 疲劳。竹炭经科学提炼加工后,已广泛应用于日常生活当中。

1 吸附
2 释放远红外线
3 释放负离子
4 释放微量元素
5 控制微生物繁殖
6 调节农作物生长
7 驱虫杀菌
8 抗氧化
9 静电屏蔽和防电磁波辐射

的 远红外线温室效果及其产生的负离子和超强的吸附作用,能有效的吸附异味、调节湿度、促进血液循环、消除疲劳、改善睡眠质量。因填充物颗粒均匀细腻所以产品 还具有保健按摩做用,产品即可摆放在卧室也可摆放在汽车内做装饰用品,还是一件相当不错的布艺玩具哦!还具有防辐射的功能哦,可以放于电脑前屏蔽电磁辐 射。



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