Safety  gate is very useful to safekeep the baby/kid especially they have started to walk by themselves. Accidents might happen when they are left unattended especially if they enter the kitchen, staircase, toilet etc. The traditional metal/steel safety gate might pose harm to them due to hard surface and possible rusty surface. The plastic (or PE material) safety gate is hence a good substitute to the steel safety gate. 


Product Features:


  • Product measurement - 68 x 3.8 x 85cm
  • Packaging measurement - 75 x 6 x 90cm
  • Product weight (excluding extension) - 6.7kg
  • Gross weight (excluding extension) - 7.7kg
  • Open in 2 ways
  • No hole drilling is needed for the installation. Installation is fast, easy and flexible and adjustable 
  • The width of the gate can be increased with add-on extensions, up to 4 extensions (114cm) only
  • 3-tiers security lock system
  • Made up of PE material - Unlike the traditional steel safety gate, PE material provides better protection & safer for children


Note: Before proper installation, the safety gate is unable to lock by itself (refer to picture below). It is NOT defective!


How To Install?


  1. Take the given 4 screws and insert them in the holes on all 4 corners of the gate (or extension is used)
  2. Place the gate to the place where you want to use
  3. Rotate the screws' cap until the screws touch the side surface and press firmly to the surface. Continue to rotate the screws until the gate is able to lock (leave a 1-2 mm gaps between the lock). If the installation is improper, the gate will not be able to lock
  4. Check if the installation is firm enough
  5. For extension, the longer part of the connecting bar is inserted to the gate while the shorter connecting bar is connected to the extension and follow the steps mentioned above









Extension is avaiable SEPARATELY for the width larger than 75cm (no extension). Width chart for various extensions: 


  • + 0 extension   - covers width from 68-78cm
  • + 1 extension   - covers width from 77-87cm
  • + 2 extensions - covers width from 86-96cm
  • + 3 extensions - covers width from 95-105cm
  • + 4 extensions - covers width from 104-114cm



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